WATCH: Michigan BLOCKS GOP Electors From Entering Capitol During Vote Then Plays Black National Anthem

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These Republicans had a Constitutional right to be there, but they were blocked from entering the building by the Governor’s State Police.

So much for upholding that oath to the Constitution, guys.

Biden may have won the endorsement, but with business before the court, and some horrifying audit details coming back from the voting machines. Republicans have every right to submit a provisional Electoral vote in support of Trump.

The Republicans were denied entry.

Do you know who was NOT denied entry? The AV crew responsible for setting up a rendition of the ‘Black National Anthem’.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Yes, that was played in the Peoples’ House in Michigan.

But not everyone was permitted to show up and see it.

State police unlawfully barred the entry of Republicans discharging their Constitutional duty.

Said differently, the Executive Branch forbade the Legislative Branch from discharging their duties by using law enforcement to forbid lawful entry of officers who had an assigned civic function.

But tell us again how Trump is an ‘autocrat’ and a ‘threat to democracy’.

But Governor Whitmer pulled out her jackboots and exceeded her constitutional authority, directly interfering with a Federal election.

Today in Michigan, state police “per the Governor’s office,” refused to let GOP electors get inside the Capitol building to cast their votes.“The Electors are already here, they’ve been checked in,” said the officer.
The Michigan State police officer said “The Capitol is closed unless you have an office here, or if you are taking part in the Electoral College process.”

“We are electors. We are here to take part in the electoral process,” replied the electors. “Not all of the electors are inside.”

It’s amazing how similar the supposed ‘defense of democracy’ can look to an obvious and naked power grab, isn’t it?

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