Hillary Is In SHOCK At The Info Released By These Two People Only 24-Hours Before Election

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Hillary Clinton may have narrowly avoided prosecution for what was discovered in her e-mails, but she can’t escape the court of public opinion which doesn’t seem to be in her favor. Two people decided to come forward with an admission about her today with just 24-hours to spare before the fate of our country’s future is decided.

For every scandal Hillary has been caught in, she seems to have an excuse to make Americans believe it’s not what it seems. However, when one person has their fingerprints on so many corrupt things, it’s only a matter of time before even the most supportive people realize they’re being deceived and turn their backs on this candidate. That seems to be the case with two people Hillary probably wishes would have kept their mouths shut for at least another 24-hours until the election is over.

It’s been widely suspected that Hillary and her “people” have devised a number of ways to fraudulently obtain votes to skew the results in her favor since the running is so close between her and Donald Trump. While she’s probably sitting pretty comfortable right now, knowing that “systems” are presumably in place for her, there’s one thing she couldn’t control that’s now working against her. While there has seemed to be no need for the Electoral College anymore, it might be what saves this race and ultimately America, which was what it was intended to do when originally set up by our country’s forefathers.

Two of these “special” voters have come forward today to say that “they are going to refuse to hand their votes over to Hillary even if she wins their state because they see her as everything they can’t stand: a Washington, Wall Street-owned insider,” American Lookout reported. The purpose of the Electoral College was to ensure the election of the president is based on the popular vote, which if rally attendance is any indicator, Hillary doesn’t have but seems to be attempting to rig.

It’s time for the voting process to be reevaluated. If this unprecedented election has taught us anything, it’s that the system can’t be trustest since new technology and crooked techniques can easily undermine it. Hopefully, how we vote in the future will be dramatically changed to ensure unpopular people like Hillary don’t win when the majority of American people didn’t vote for her, including Electoral College voters who refuse to do it.

(via: MadWorldNews)

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