WikiLeaks Bombshell Reveals How Clinton Foundation STOLE FUNDS To Pay For Chelsea’s Wedding!

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It’s bad enough that the Clinton Crime Family has, so far, gotten away with most of their disgusting political and moral misdeeds during their decades-long careers in so-called “public service,” but a new email dump from WikiLeaks reveals something even worse. It appears that they essentially stole donations that were meant to help needy people and spent that money on at least one lavish event.

James Comey may have decided to save his own skin by once again backing down in the investigation into Hillary’s illegal server use, but Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are still on the offensive. In a new email dump, among the mountain of damning documents is one that stands out as being particularly dirty.

Doug Band, who was a longtime aide to former President Bill Clinton and also a Clinton Foundation executive, wrote an email to John Podesta, who is now Hillary’s campaign manager, in which he made some pretty serious accusations against Chelsea Clinton. It’s no secret (or at least, it’s not anymore) that Chelsea and Doug had a tense working relationship. Doug was often critical of how Chelsea performed her duties and has basically tattled on her to Podesta on more than one occasion.

In the email from early 2012 that was put out on Twitter by WikiLeaks yesterday, Doug busted Chelsea out for using Clinton Foundation funds for personal use.

The investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents….

I hope that you will speak to her and end this

Once we go down this road….



Screenshot of the email released by WikiLeaks in which Doug Band accuses Chelsea Clinton of misusing Foundation funds.

Obviously, Doug Band has been a Clinton insider for decades and has unrestricted knowledge about the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation. As Mad World Newspreviously reported, he and his global consulting firm, Teneo, is responsible for significantly fattening the bank accounts of the Clinton Foundation by soliciting donations. Doug also arranged paid speeches to be given by former President Clinton for personal profit to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.


Bill and Hillary Clinton with Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky on their wedding day (top left). Also included are various photos showing the extravagance of the wedding venue and preparations.

The Clinton Foundation is still under fire for collecting vast amounts of money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake in January of 2010 and allegedly pocketing the majority of the donations. Chelsea’s extremely lavish wedding to Marc Mezvinsky  in July of 2010was estimated to cost up to $5 million. Coincidence?

It’s not unfathomable that the expenditures of such a lavish wedding began to spiral out of control as the date drew nearer. Using funds from the Clinton Foundation may have seemed like a very attractive solution to the monumental expenses, rather than cut corners and stick to a budget like the majority of regular Americans would have to do.

However, the Clintons’ have never considered themselves as regular so it isn’t surprising that they would literally steal money that was donated to suffering people in Haiti so that Chelsea wasn’t forced to go without any single thing she wanted like some kind of commoner. If they get into our White House, rest assured they will treat average Americans like the peasants they truly believe us to be.

(via: Mad World News)

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