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  • Hillary Is In SHOCK At The Info Released By These Two People Only 24-Hours Before Election

    Hillary Clinton may have narrowly avoided prosecution for what was discovered in her e-mails, but she can’t escape the court of public opinion which doesn’t seem to be in her favor. Two people decided to come forward with an admission about her today with just 24-hours to spare before the fate of our country’s future is […] More

  • Hillary Had To Cancel Her Last Public Appearance After Crowd Began Chanting ‘Lock Her Up’!

    If this doesn’t convince you that Hillary Clinton has no control over the outcome of the election anymore, then I’m not sure what will. With all the new revelations about Hillary’s email server, the Anthony Weiner emails, Huma Abedin, Donna Brazile, and everything else we’ve learned in the last 72 hours, Americans, especially Hillary supporting Democrats, […] More