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Is Hillary Dying To Be President.. Literally?

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Recent public events from Labor Day and the 9/11 Memorial in New York where Hillary collapsed from what was later reported to be Pneumonia, have increased scrutiny of her Health and raised concerns that Hillary is indeed hiding something even greater than emails, and illegal computer servers; she could very well be hiding serious neurological injury/conditions and their related health issues that go right to the heart of her fitness to serve as President. I wrote a well-researched and thorough analysis of these serious health issues more than two months ago. I believe her run down the home stretch of the race will expose her concealment and cover-up of serious health issues. The stress, and exposure to public visibility of the final days in the Presidential race will show us more health malady’s like seizures, freezes (or “short circuits” as she explained to Chris Wallace), violent coughing fits, and collapses as on 9/11.

The Labor Day weekend “Cough-a-Thon”

Two Violent Coughing events on the same day totaling at least 10 minutes

 (the first one duration is unknown as she excused herself from the oblivious press on the plane, Note the dark haired woman that hands her a glass from the right edge. That is Lisa Bardack M.D., Hillary’s personal physician that is now traveling with her. She escorts her down the aisle away from the press as Hillary is retreating behind the curtain and barriers drawn by her “unidentified”  medical aide/doctor)

First One.


[iframe id=””]


Second One, same day.


[iframe id=””]

The New York 9/11 Memorial “Collapse”


[iframe id=””]

The dark haired woman in the video above holding a teetering and wobbly Hillary up waiting to load Clinton in the van, is Dr. Lisa Bardack, Hillary’s personal physician. She was with Hillary the whole day during the NY 9/11 Memorial event, mostly holding her upright arm in arm as they walked during the parade. The Dr. holds Hillary up as she finally collapsed and the large African-American Medical Handler, that is seen with Clinton at all locations, drags Hillary, dragging her toes and stuffs her into the Van, with Dr. Bardack as the Secret Service detail close ranks and attempt to hide the event from public eyes and camera’s. Dr. Bardack made, or allowed a decision to take Hillary to Chelsea’s NYC Apartment, NOT to a Hospital following this collapse.

The recent confirmation by her Doctor Lisa Bardack, M.D. that Hillary collapsed on 9/11 at the Memorial due to “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” raised more questions than it answered for many;  but it has all but confirmed my suspicions especially since there is no such medical terminology for that kind of pneumonia. Hillary’s Dr. statement on her Pneumonia did serve it’s purpose as deceptive political doublespeak for what really ails her which is;  “Aspiration Pneumonia” and even more troubling are the serious underlying Neurological causes for it which I am convinced is either related to her Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussive or Epilepsy triggered seizures, or even Parkinson’s Disease. Aspiration Pneumonia is a complication of Parkinson’s Disease and is the leading cause of death for those suffering from PD.

Aspiration Pneumonia is bacterial alright, it’s homegrown in the victims own lungs, fed by their own saliva, vomit, and gastric secretions carrying nasty bacteria that end up in the respiratory tract. It is a major complication of Traumatic Brain Injuries and their complications, such as Post Concussive Syndrome and Epilepsy caused seizures, and even Parkinson’s disease which new studies show victims are at a three-fold higher rate of developing after suffering a TBI. It is also caused by Laryngeal cough reflex,(LCR) as another possible cause I cited for her aspiration coughing fits, due to her brain injury, as yet another strong possibility for her countless coughing episodes. LCR is very prevalent among T.B.I. patients, in fact a recent study included in my July, 2016 feature column into Hillary’s health issues revealed this;

‘Aspiration Pneumonia’ or ‘Laryngeal Cough Reflex’ I found information on these in this published Medical Study:

Correlation Between Voluntary Cough and Laryngeal Cough Reflex Flows in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury

there was also this:

‘2 Sixty percent of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) develop aspiration pneumonia.’

and then this:

‘Laryngeal cough reflex (LCR) is a brain stem–mediated involuntary reflex. 5 LCR protects the upper airway from significant aspiration of food, fluids, or secretions and reduces the risk of respiratory complications such as pneumonia’

I further pointed out months ago that her Traumatic Brain Injury back in 2012 likely resulted in damage to the Medulla Oblongota, this is the part of the brain in the brain Stem area that is often damaged with T.B.I.and governs involuntary functions like heart beat, breathing, and cough reflex.

I also examined what possible correlation there could be between that unusual event, and behavior, with her known Traumatic Brain Injury, and Transverse Cerebral Thrombosis (Blood Clot) she suffered in late 2012, and Hillary’s numerous public coughing fits.

The Mystery ‘Medical Handler’ and Medical Team


Well we now have irrefutable confirmation that Hillary’s personal Doctor Lisa Bardack, M.D. is traveling with and treating Hillary on the campaign trail, at least part-time. Se was with Hillary on Labor Day weekend, on the plane, and then was seen at the 9/11 Memorial during her collapse. Recent developments also include reports of a mysterious medical handler that is literally by her side at all times in public; but is not part of her Secret Service team. This large African-American gentleman fueled much speculation with recent photographs of him holding what appeared to be a drug injection pen of the type used for the powerful anti-seizure medication Diazepam used to treat Epilepsy, and Parkinson patients.




Aide/Handler ‘Reboots’ Hillary during speech freeze-up.


[iframe id=”″]


The large African-American gentleman in the above video has been the cause for speculation that he is a medical staffer and aide for Hillary Clinton; some speculation is that he is her traveling Doctor and Neurologist. Only days before this video at the DNC, photographs showed him carrying what appeared to be a drug injection pen, commonly used for the drug Diazepam which is a powerful Valium Anti-Seizure drug used for treating Epileptic seizures. Note the “deer in headlights” look of concern, and blank confusion (possibly a minor absence seizure) by Hillary when Animal Rights Protesters create a stressful situation for her. He rushed forward frantically, and started to reassure her,  even putting his arm around her. Suddenly she actually comes out of the trance-like state with a bit of a startled jolt with him patting her on the back as he began to seemingly prompt her… “You’re OK, keep talking, you handle it, we aren’t going anywhere”. He shooed away two of her Secret Service Agents in her detail on the left.  A third gentleman approaches from the right (I believe another medical handler because his focus is directly on Hillary approaching her from the opposite side)…the Video at about the :15 second mark clearly shows him reaching inside his jacket as if to draw a weapon, but while the video doesn’t offer detail, it does show him with what appears to be a small pen-like object in his hand. He then transfers it to his other hand, and it looks by the way it is held, it is similar to a Diazepam Injection pen device that has previously been reported in the hand of the large African-American gentleman in this video and thought to be her primary medical handler. (stop, and back up the video several times and you will see the strange reaction of that aide on the right at :15 second mark, on to end) That large Black Gentleman turns his attention back to the gentleman on the right after getting Hillary “rebooted”  out of her daze,  back on track, and after he re-directs and shoos the Secret Service Agents off the stage to the left, he turns back to the handler on the right, says something to him, physically touching him while talking to him, and turns him away as that agent’s ‘Pen’ is dropped from it’s ready position. Transferred to the other hand, and It is then put away very discreetly under his jacket as he is directed off the stage by him. This behavior by supposed Secret Service staff and security agents is not the norm. I don’t believe for a second that they are Secret Service security agents.  Secret Service Security Detail Agents, do not touch, talk, or behave in this manner with those they protect. They don’t  prompt them on what to say in the manner displayed here.

From my own first-hand experience working as a volunteer inside the Secret Service security detail during a visit by President Reagan to Seattle many years ago, I never saw any interaction such as this.  Secret Service Agents are robotic, and disengaged from everything surrounding them except their important focused task at hand; identifying, and protecting their ‘subject’ from any physical attack, and threat, PERIOD. Protesters waving “Meat is Murder” signs at a campaign rally in the crowd, are not that threat. You will find this man, at her side nearly everywhere and in every video. He is the one helping her up the stairs in that February photo. He is the one picking the limp and collapsed Hillary up and putting her into that Van on 9/11. So who is he?

Some, including the media have identified these gentleman as Secret Service because of their lapel pins worn by agents. All cleared members of an entourage have those pins. Medical aides would also have Secret Service lapel pins; just as I did I when I was a driver for the Reagan motorcade during his Presidential visit, this only indicates they are security cleared, and identifies them as part of the official Hillary entourage.

Many media sources have run stories and indicate that the “mysterious medical handler” has been identified  as Dr. Oladotun A. Okunola, MD,  a specialist in Neurology. According to  Dr. Okunola is a Board Certified Neurologist at the Neuroscience Center Of Northern New Jersey. This author made two calls attempting to contact someone at the New Jersey clinic to confirm his identity, but both calls went unanswered after selecting the automated appointment option and trying to reach an operator.This information and photo were available from their website but it is more than 14 years old. That is a long time, and yes weight and appearances can change dramatically. While it could be the same gentleman as depicted in so many recent video’s and photo’s from helping Hillary up the stairs, to picking her up on 9/11 at the Memorial and putting her into the vehicle as she collapsed, I am reluctant to name him as Dr. Okunola barring solid confirmation as the same gentleman. I have attempted to find photographs, articles, and definitive images identifying Dr. Okunola but there are none between this current time, and the 15 year photo. This seems rather odd to me, and I have considered the possibility that if he has in fact been a Doctor and Neurologist with the Clinton’s since the time of her Brain Injury, they may have employed experts to “scrub” the internet of as much information and images of him as possible to conceal his identity, and nature of his service to Hillary. Secretary Clinton has a demonstrable history of hiring out nefarious technical expertise for her purposes. North Platte Networks creation of her illegal private email server, and then their subsequent BleachBit messages eradication, and destruction of her email server and over 30,000 email messages after official requests for the records by Congress; are a perfect example.


This man has purportedly been  identified by many as the “Medical Handler” that has been welded to Hillary’s side on the campaign trail. He is a board certified Neurologist. This photo 15 years old. This author cannot  confirm his identity and role as Hillary’s Doctor and as the same unidentified man accompanying Hillary in her campaign entourage today.

Hillary needs to release her full medical and Rx records, now.

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity has pushed the call for full release of Hillary’s health records, including her prescriptions. Recently the Fox News medical team joined Sean in expressing their concerns for more transparency in light of her obvious issues with coughing and frailty she has exhibited on the campaign trail. Their concerns were even prior to the Labor Day coughing fits, and 9/11 collapse.

Here is what has to say about Diazepam.

Common Epilepsy Seizure Medications: Types, Uses, Effects, and More

Diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan) and similar tranquilizers such as clonazepam ( Klonopin )

Effective in short-term treatment of all seizures; used often in the emergency room to stop a seizure, particularly status epilepticus

(emphasis is mine)

This drug is not self-administered by a patient. It requires someone else with medical skills, like an EMT, nurse, or doctor to inject it correctly in a vein, or the proper muscle tissue. This is likely the purpose and skill set for the large African-American Gentlemen seen holding the injection pen, and staying close to Hillary at all times. As a side note, one interesting thing that I discovered researching a medical drug website about Diazepam was this:  “adverse reaction” for Diazepam.

Adverse Reactions:

CNS depression, ataxia, memory impairment, paradoxical excitement, salivation changes, neutropenia, jaundice. Inj: apnea, cardiac arrest, venous thrombosis, phlebitis, status epilepticus (when treating petit mal).  (Emphasis mine)I singled this out because we know, and my previous article detailed how I believe the Clinton press release minimized Hillary’s diagnosis over two weeks after her TBI (Concussion) of a “Blood Clot” (Transverse Venous Thrombosis). This adverse reaction listing above for Diazepam could be an indication that the TVT, blood clot, was not necessarily related to the fall, but may been a known adverse side effect using from using Diazepam as treatment for seizures Hillary was suffering. The information below was posted in a January article on Breitbart.
BREITBART: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health |
dp@large via Brietbart  
Neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., reviewed news reports of Clinton’s head injury in light of the recent information revealed from the security sources that are raising questions about her current health status.Kassicieh added that if suffering from post concussion syndrome, Clinton’s symptoms could appear “well beyond a year” after her concussion.“A transverse sinus thrombosis [blood clot] is a rare condition of a clot forming in the venous sinus cavities surrounding the brain,” Kassicieh told Breitbart News, referencing an ABC News report from 2012 that detailed Clinton’s head injury and blood clot following a fall. He explained:These venous sinuses drain blood out of the brain. The [injury] incidence is only about 3 per 1,000,000 adults. The transverse sinus is less commonly affected than the main sagittal venous sinus. The cause of transverse sinus clots is not well understood although trauma and dehydration have been described as risk factors. Mrs. Clinton suffered from both.
Only 3 Thrombosis of that type per 1,000,000 adults? Is it possible that Hillary’s Venous Thrombosis cause is more likely a known adverse reaction of, and side effect from, the use of Diazepam for controlling her seizures post TBI? The likelihood that it would be from the fall itself and going undiscovered and untreated for 3 weeks and given the 3 in 1 million occurrences not-withstanding seems a long-shot. A potential recurrence of a deadly Thrombosis/Blood Clot from continued use of Diazepam to control Hillary’s seizures, may explain why years after the Thrombosis was treated, she still is taking Coumadin today by doctors order under the guise of undisclosed reasons beyond stated precaution.
Hillary’s Physician stated in Hillary’s statement of health:”She had follow-up testing in 2013, which revealed complete resolution of the effects of the concussion, as well as total dissolution of the thrombosis. Mrs. Clinton also tested negative for all clotting disorders. As a precaution, however, it was decided to continue her on daily anticoagulation.”   (emphasis is mine)

Fox New’s Doctor’s affirmed most of my suspicions, possibilities, and theories, I raised with my research, and prior article. The Fox News Doctor’s Medical expertise lends urgency to our call of alarm about her fitness and health as well as demanding a full release of Hillary Clinton’s Medical records to ascertain if she may be in no condition to assume the office or duties of President.

2015-07-28_Statement_of_Health_-_LBardackHILLARY CLINTON

Hillary Clinton had her campaign release what they called her “full Medical records” over a year ago. It was a lie. They only released a two-page summary (see above link) by the family doctor on letterhead.  Grossly insufficient. I cannot take Dr. Lisa Bardack’s statement seriously detailing how fit as a fiddle Hillary is, with Dr. Bardack citing the Hillary fitness regiment:  “She (Hillary) exercises regularly including yoga, swimming, walking, and weight training.”  Really? Well, photo’s of her being helped up stairs, scooped off the pavement, stuffed in a van and whisked to Chelsea’s NYC apartment, would suggest otherwise. I don’t believe her Dr. Statements for a second.


Hillary bought time during the primary season by minimizing public appearances to hide her condition(s). But on Labor Day, and then on 9/11,  her health issues were exposed. Coughing fits, and the collapse loading her into the van were on full display. The campaign went into active obfuscation mode, with ‘creative’ new terminology to describe what was likely Aspiration Pneumonia when their hand was forced after a public collapse. The oblivious Press watched Hillary’s aides draw curtains and then shield Hillary from their eyes and cameras as she virtually coughed up both lungs on the plane and while her PERSONAL PHYSICIAN attended to her!  Yet the media is bantering among themselves, as the Clinton campaign photographer further distracts them in blatant fashion. Hillary’s worthless words of reassurance that she is in peak health, or a solicited Dr.’s Statement on Letterhead posing as medical records, will not suffice. Time is running out, and Hillary is playing the delay, and ignore game hoping to “let the furor die down” as her modus operandi yet again. Hillary has hopes to head down the home stretch and cross the finish line to victory. To do that she needs to dupe Americans, and the “Deplorable’s” yet again. We must see that it doesn’t happen. We must demand her health, and Rx records in FULL now; not after the election. If they are not released; we must refuse to reward her arrogance, and deception while seeking the most important position in the World. No records? NO VOTE. Simple as that.




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