Is This All She’s Got?? I Guess Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!!

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Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caught on a hot microphone, saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it,” according to a video obtained by The Washington Post which is clearly in Hilary’s rear end.

Trump thought he was bragging in the supposedly safe environment of buddies. It was crude talk to be certain and I don’t entertain speech like that in my presence. But, it is not the same as betraying your country or letting people die or destroying government property like Hillary did! Mrs. Clinton has been caught speaking vulgarities through the years to this day. Hey, Harry Truman and JFK spoke that way all the time and they were Democrats! Hillary knows she can’t run on any accomplishments so this is what she has to resort to and the media is all in with her. Tonite on FOX they were already talking about him dropping out and replacing him with Pence. Thanks for the knife in the back FOX. Well you dig your grave and you lay in it if Hillary gets in.

Hillary has said things a lot worse and she uses the F word quite frequently. These people and Hillary are all so phony and act like they have virgin ears. Clint Eastwood was right in a recent interview when he said we have turned into a nation of pussies. As the old saying goes, “Let  he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Trump was not running for president at the time he made this statement. Also, over half the women and males have these kind of lockroom talks in their life time. I’m sure this kind of talk goes on at the various news stations all the time. In fact, Megyn Kelly went on Howard Stern’s show and talked about genitals and other sex talk.  Hillary is not a happy person, never was and  never will be. This BS doesn’t come close to the 1oo’s of scandals she and Bill have going.

, This is something that was said almost 11 yrs ago! All men talk about women and if you think women don’t say and do the same thing about men you are sadly mistaken! Hillary Clinton said some bad and dumb thing about Trump and the Republican who are voting for Trump and the media said you should apologize for it, but Hillary did not apologize.  Hillary only said maybe she should not have said all of that. Now Trump did apologize for saying that 11 years ago but the Media, ABC, CNN, and all the other talk shows are going nuts over what Trump said. But still the Media and the talk shows let Hillary Clinton off the hook but just can’t stop talking about Trump.

Well if they won’t mention all the things that Hilary has said over the years I will say it for them. I am even listing the reference sources to check them out. She has a very vulgar tongue and for the sake of decency and not stooping to her level I am abbreviating the vulgar words, but you will get the picture:

Where is the G-ddamn f**king flag?  I want the G-ddamn f**king flag up every f**king morning at f**king sunrise.”
(From the book “Inside The White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 – Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day, 1991)

You Jew Bastard!”  “You Jew Mother-F**ker”
From the book “State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton” by Jerry Oppenheimer. p. 155 – Common insults Hillary would use toward anyone who angered her.

F**k off!  It’s enough that I have to see you s**t-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too.  Just do your G-ddamn job and keep your mouth shut.”
(From the book “American Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p. 90 – Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards

“Come on Bill, put your d**k up!  You can’t f**k her here!”
From the book “Inside The White House” by Ronald Kessler.  p. 244 – Hillary to Governor Clinton when she spotted him talking with an attractive female at an Arkansas political rally.

 These are only a sample of her insults. You can read more in the link below. Gary Bauer the former White House secret service aid to Hillary said she berated the secret service so much that she drove them into drugs and booze. And they want to act offended by Trump’s remarks?

 Hillary Clinton Quotations

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