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  • Is Hillary Dying To Be President.. Literally?

    Recent public events from Labor Day and the 9/11 Memorial in New York where Hillary collapsed from what was later reported to be Pneumonia, have increased scrutiny of her Health and raised concerns that Hillary is indeed hiding something even greater than emails, and illegal computer servers; she could very well be hiding serious neurological injury/conditions and their […] More

  • Bill Blows It And Accidentally Tells Truth About Hillary’s Other Health Problems

    It was confirmed over the weekend that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did indeed have some health issues that she was dealing with, despite repeated prior protestations to the contrary from her campaign and her allies in the liberal media. Following Clinton’s near collapse while abruptly exiting early from the 9/11 memorial service, her campaign […] More

  • Could This Legal Loophole Grant Obama A Third Term?

    A legal expert has said that he believed if Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were to resign due to health problems after she were elected but before she was inaugurated, her electors could bypass the Twenty-Second Amendment and let Barack Obama stay on for a third term. In a piece at Constitution Rising, Rick Wells […] More