Billionaire Mark Cuban: ‘If Trump Loses This Election, He’ll Be BANKRUPT Within 7 Years’

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During the Saturday edition of “The O’Reilly Factor,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban expounded on his tweet that predicted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would be bankrupt within seven years if he loses the election.


Cuban explained Trump would go bankrupt because his branding no longer goes along with people who can afford it.

“[Trump] has built his brand in properties, particularly golf and hotels, based off of being a premium brand,” Cuban said.

“He talks a lot about the elites and the insiders and the wealthy and how that’s not his core following and that’s not who’s voting for him — well those are the people that really bought into his brand and could afford to stay at a Trump hotel tee time at a Trump golf course. That doesn’t match up anymore so I think he’s losing the people that were his customers coming into the election and gaining potential customers that don’t really match up or can’t afford his branding.”

(via: Breitbart)

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