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Whoops! Chelsea Clinton Slips, Can’t Keep Up With LIES About Mom Hillary’s Pneumonia

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Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, apparently had absolutely no idea that her mother had pneumonia until her incident at the 9/11 memorial.

Chelsea told Cosmopolitan that she hadn’t been made aware that Hillary Clinton was sick.

“Well, I didn’t know that she had pneumonia. I didn’t know she had pneumonia until she came over to my apartment,” she said.

Granted, that sometimes happens between families, it is surprising.

“So I don’t think it was a conscious choice. I mean, she didn’t even tell me,” she said.

Of course, she chalked up the experience as an exception to her mother’s normally perfect stamina, claiming, “I think she just expected she would power through it as she has always powered through everything.”

“As her daughter, I wish she would have listened to her doctor and taken a couple days off when her doctor told her she needed to get some rest,” she added, “and I’m grateful she did finally listen to her doctor and she took a couple days off.”

“I think it was clear last night that she is — you know, she certainly looks healthier at her age than I feel at 36 at this moment,” she said, presumably referring to the debate Monday night.

She praised her stamina again to close, pointing out that Hillary Clinton had done more than many of even her contemporaries.

“I loved her answer about stamina, and yes, I think when anyone has traveled to 112 countries and a million miles, and sat through 11 hours of congressional hearings all in one day, they can then kind of have that conversation with my mom,” she said.

“But until then,” she concluded, “I think that she wins that argument any and every day.”

There’s no mistaking — Hillary Clinton does a lot, whether you like her or not. Whether all that activity accomplished much besides her own enrichment is another question.

There is also the question of whether or not she would be able to maintain that level of activity for the next four years — and that’s a valid question to which we do not know the answer.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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