The CHILLING Thing This Muslim Driver Said After Hitting Veteran With Car At Over 100Mph

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A young Army veteran was on his way to play golf with his father in San Jose when out of nowhere he was struck by a driver going over 100mph. Thinking it was an accident, an off-duty officer ran to check on the driver. However, he was horrified to find it was intentional after the Muslim suspect casually uttered 7 chilling words.

Scott Alcala served in Afghanistan during the war on terror, heroicly combatting Islamic militants. Of course, he thought he’d left the battle against terroristic ideology overseas when he returned home to Fresno, California. Unfortunately, that same religious devotion that compels so many Muslims to take the violent commands of the Quran seriously found him where he least expected.

KMPH reports that Alcala was traveling from Fresno to San Jose when a car going at least 100mph intentionally swerved and hit his vehicle, causing him to swerve into oncoming traffic. Miraculously, Alcala survived with minor injuries and no one else was hit. However, it was the driver’s response that takes this collision case to a terrifying level.

An off-duty police officer, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, rushed over to the driver. Incredibly, he wasn’t harmed but seemed oddly satisfied with his life-threatening actions. The driver, identified as Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin, took one look at the officer and casually admitted, “It was in the name of Allah.”

Alcala said, “The off-duty police officer went to talk to the other driver of his vehicle and as he approached him, he said, ‘Are you alright? That was way too fast. You shouldn’t have been driving that fast,’ and (the driver) said, ‘I did it on purpose. It was in the name of Allah.”

Although reports show that Fakhraldin was traveling at least 100mph at the time of the collision, the Muslim suspect boasts that his speed was 200mph. The incident became increasingly bizarre when Fakhraldin explained his reasoning behind the case of sudden jihad syndrome, which is why Alcala is calling the attack an act of terrorism and is demanding the man be taken off the streets before he succeeds in killing someone.

Muslim Driver Hits U.S. Veteran At 100mph, Smirks & Tells Cop 7 Chilling Words

Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin told police that he purposefully crashed into Alcala.

Confirming Alcala’s accusations, the police report added that Fakhraldin told authorities that the crash was in response to “Donald Trump’s improper treatment of minorities” and prompted by “Allah and other [people’s] lack of faith in him.”The jihadist also added that he caused the crash by “using psychic telekinetic powers to control the steering.”

The responding officer explained that Fakhraldin was strangely calm and had no concern for his victim or his consequences.

“There was no remorse. He just went back to his car nonchalant, pulled out a water bottle and just posted up,” Alcala said. “Coming back from Afghanistan, thinking I’m on home soil I’m safe now….just shouldn’t have to worry about something like that you know.”

It is unclear if Fakhraldin faces charges or if he was even arrested following the crash. Currently, the police haven’t revealed whether they will consider the event a terrorist attack.

As expected, the media are already attempting to spin this as a case of temporary mental illness simply because Fakhraldin mentioned “psychic telekinetic powers.” Even though he already confessed that he did it because he’s a Muslim and Allah requires it from his followers, it never ceases to amaze us the lengths that the lapdog media will go to defend the indefensible religion of violence.

Never mind that university students can claim to be every kind of gender or lack thereof and they are automatically lauded. Science is thrown by the wayside and all logic is refuted for these brave cretins’ openness and honesty. If anyone dares to question this gender-fluid, science-phobic individual’s claim that is solely based on their own sensibilities, they are simply bigots.

Likewise, a Muslim can study the Quran and Hadith for decades, become an esteemed imam, and quote religious scripture by memory. However, the moment he carries out one of Quran’s prescribed punishments, recites the prophet Muhammad’s own words, and publicly proclaims that he’s done it in the name of Allah, he must have some sort of mental disorder.

Yes, that’s right. Over 1,400-years-worth of Muslim militants killing 270 million non-Muslims because Allah specifically commands it in the Quran and Muhammad mercilessly modeled it was the result of mental illness — apparently, that disorder is called Islam and its deadly effects can manifest themselves at any time in any Muslim who wishes to become more devout.

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