VIDEO: PBS Newshour Edits Jill Stein Speech To Remove Criticism of Hillary Clinton

PBS Newshour removed criticism of Hillary Clinton, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and Obamacare from Judy Woodruff’s interview of Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein. The edits were discovered by a supporter of Stein, Matt Orfalea, when he compared the Facebook Live version with the broadcast and Youtube versions. Orfalea added the cut portion of the questions and posted it to YouTube.

In the portion of the interview that PBS cut Stein hammers Clinton, the TPP, and Obamacare saying,

“Hillary Clinton and now her transition director Ken Salazar, they’re big proponents of Trans-Pacific Partnership which is basically NAFTA on steroids and most observers believe that it will send our jobs overseas as well as undermine American sovereignty by bringing in these international tribunals that get to pass judgement on our laws, on our public health protections, on our worker protections. So we can’t count on saving our jobs — saving our lives. 1 in 3 Americans now can’t afford healthcare under Obamacare. Or saving the planet because Hillary has been a big proponent of fracking as is Ken Salazar, her transition director.”

PBS also edited out Stein saying, “Americans have not only the right to vote but a right to know who we can vote for.”

Orfalea asks viewers in his video to call PBS out on social media.

(via: Breitbart)

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