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Parents Worst Nightmare After Toddler Becomes Victim of Nasty Obamacare Scheme

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Two-year-old Israel Stinson fell ill with an apparent asthma attack last April. After he was taken to a northern California hospital, the unthinkable happened. Israel suffered a heart attack. After 40 minutes of CPR, doctors were able to restart his heart.

Nearly an hour without oxygen had left him brain dead, and the hospital was adamant that he should be removed from life support. This started his parents down a long road that took them to Guatemala for other opinions, and while in Guatemala, doctors found some brain waves.

The attorney for the parents, Alexandra Snyder, spoke to the Washington Post:

“In those nearly four months, the family had pulled out all the legal stops and moved Israel to Guatemala on May 22 just before Israel was to be taken off the ventilator. There, Snyder told the Post, three Guatemalan doctors, including a neurologist, declared that the boy was not brain dead after all.”

Some three months later, they returned to the United States. The Washington Post reported, “Despite the ominous outlook, and possibly because of the EEG tests from Guatemala, he had been accepted as a patient at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.”

However, within days, the new hospital also moved to take the boy off of life support. The parents fought it in court, with their attorney saying:

“What I really don’t understand is why this hospital agreed to take this little boy in the first place,” adding the boy’s parents never would have brought Israel back to the United States if they had known the hospital was going to pull the plug. [via Life News]


Israel Stinson with his mom.

The liberal court in Los Angeles denied the parents injunction, and Israel was taken off life support Thursday afternoon. This is a complete travesty. Regardless whether this boy was brain dead, which was not fully proven, it is not for the state to say when life support should stop.

This kind of thing never happened prior to Obamacare, but when that became the law of the land, the right to life went down the toilet. The elderly and the handicapped are also expendable under the sick scheme the liberals have put in place.

This is the makings of a third world communist state, where you are only allowed to live as long as you produce for the state. If there was ever legislation that needs to be repelled, it’s Obamacare, and the cries of poor Israel’s mother then will not be in vain.

(via: Mad World News)

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