CNN Exposes Their Racism; Calls All Black People ‘Felons’ in Anti-Trump Rant

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In an attempt to make Donald Trump look bad, CNN published an article in which they, essentially, called all black people felons.

The networks never miss an opportunity to paint the right generally, and Trump in particular as racist. CNN in particular has it down to a science.

You want people to use the legal immigration steps before entering America? RACIST!

You want voter ID? RACIST!

You wear a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ T-shirt? RACIST!

(You get the idea.)

They were working so hard at painting someone else as racist, that they said something themselves.



So it’s ‘bad’ for Trump to say that felons — who have trampled the rights of other citizens — forfeit the right to vote.

And immediately CNN equates ‘felons’ with ‘blacks’.

For CNN Politics to make that jump, one has to be ignorant of at least one of the following two statements:

a) Not all blacks are felons.

b) Not all felons are blacks.

If they are NOT ignorant, then maybe they’re just being polemic, and inflaming already tense race relations for either ratings or to further a political objective.

Via Clash Daily

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