George W Bush HUMILIATES Obama In EPIC Response To Louisiana Flood

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When you hear the name George W. Bush, what comes to mind? You might remember him as a goofy president that said the occasional strange phrase. You may remember him as the leader that took us through the 9/11 terror attacks and made America a more unified place after them.

No matter what your memory of him may be, one thing is for certain, he isinfinitely better at the job than our current lame duck President, Barack Obama. The latest example is yet another national disaster where Obama’s response was to have no response at all.

The Louisiana flooding is claiming the homes and livelihoods of thousands and Obama continues to golf and not give a crap.

What was Bush’s response like when Hurricane Katrina hit?

Who is more presidential? Yeah, I thought so.

As the video shows and as many of us likely remember, Bush went down to Louisiana and comforted those that were hurting. Regardless of what anyone may think about Bush’s policies, that kind of compassion is difficult to fake.

Bush held people in pain and tried to comfort them. His presence there mattered — it showed that even the president was there to help and wasn’t sitting on his hands in Washington.

Flash forward to 2016 and what did President Barack Obama do? Well he did what he does best, golf.

Is Obama he gone yet? The American people are hurting, and he couldn’t care less. I can’t wait until November.

(Source: The Federalist Papers)

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