Desperate Crooked Hillary

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Crooked Hillary is a desperate woman. She’s corrupt & the evidence of facts are overwhelming. The People can see things she THOUGHT would remain under cover and she is panicking! One old, trusted tactic is the RACE CARD! Always useful when there’s a need to divert attention away from REAL issues! Donald Trump is now a Racist, with Hillary ranting about White Supremacists getting behind him! She doesn’t mention her “mentor” KKK chief, Senator Robert Bird, who used the N-Word on the floor of the Senate regularly! This is the man she praised as “eloquent”. What a short memory Hillary has.

Crooked Hillary’s emails are hitting the news everyday! Al Capone didn’t have anything on Bill & Hill! Julian Assange can thank God he’s safely tucked away in Ecuador, otherwise he could “disappear” like Vince Foster’s file.


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