Rapper Snoop Dogg Starts Expletive-Filled Chant At DNC After Party SLAMMING Trump

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It’s no secret that political conventions can sometimes get out of hand, but one celebrity guest took it way too far at the Democrat National Convention.

The Daily Caller reported that when rapper Snoop Dogg took the stage to perform at the convention, he made some disgusting comments about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Dogg was invited to headline a Democrat “unity party” on the final night of the convention — the same night that Hillary Clinton officially accepted her role as presidential nominee. That party was sponsored by political organizations like Senate Majority PAC and House Majority PAC.

Instead of simply voicing his opinion in a decent way or filtering himself or his hatred for the Republican Party, Dogg used terms to describe Donald Trump that should never be said on any stage.

“F*** Donald Trump,” Snoop said. He then led the crowd in a chant using those exact words.

“The Democrats, they know how to party like a motherf*****,” Snoop later continued.

But he made sure to use some sweet words for the lady he came to support — that is, in between the vile words he was previously chanting.

“Hillary Clinton, we love you, baby,” he said. “Hillary, you’re my favorite girl … I want to dedicate this song to Hillary and the whole campaign … We’re gonna stand by you, Hillary.”

It’s no secret that here in America, we have our differences, and members of the Republican and Democrat parties often spar regarding certain issues.

However, while that is called democracy, what Snoop Dogg just did is completely uncalled for.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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