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Clinton Campaign Staffers Rush To Cover Up MASSIVE Humiliation At DNC

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Despite claims of party unity from Democrat Party officials and the liberal media, there was a noticeable disunity at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Marked by intermittent boos, loud chants and even walkouts throughout the first three days of the convention, supporters of former presidential candidate and socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders made it perfectly clear that they were not pleased with the decision to name Hillary Clinton as the Democrat Party’s nominee.

In order to prevent such a humiliating display on the day of Clinton’s acceptance speech, staffers and organizers of the convention went to great lengths to pack the seats, keep them packed, and keep them quiet, so as to further the false appearance of a unified party.

Craigslist ads were discovered that offered money to individuals willing to fill the seats and hold up signs during the final day. One ad offeried $50 for the day and another offered $10 an hour for minorities (what happened to the Democrat’s commitment to a $15 minimum hourly wage?).

These paid “seat fillers” were noticed by some Sanders supporters as they attempted to fill the seats themselves ahead of Clinton’s speech, with one delegate from California capturing the goings-on on video and posting it online for all to see.

Her assessment was that the “seat fillers” were being placed in strategic areas to displace the angry Sanders supporters who had been disruptive on previous days, most likely in an effort to prevent them from being disruptive during Clinton’s speech.

She also pointed out what she believed to be “white noise machines” placed above certain sections in the arena, machines designed to simulate crowd noise that would overwhelm, confuse and silence any negative chants or boos coming from disaffected delegates.

Another delegate also noted that organizers were implementing “lockdowns” at certain points in the evening, allowing nobody either in or out of the arena, except for emergency purposes.

Some have speculated that the lockdowns were an effort to prevent a planned walkout by Sanders supporters during Clinton’s speech, though it could also have been a security measure put in place by the Secret Service in order to keep their charge safe.

Of course, there could be innocent explanations behind all of these things, but taken together they paint a picture of a Democrat Party scrambling to do whatever they could to try and prevent as much embarrassment and humiliation for their coronation ceremony Thursday night.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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