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Cleveland Police Officers On Alert After Several Fall Ill From Stickers Handed Out At RNC

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Police officers in Cleveland were on high alert last week during the Republican National Convention as people flooded into the city from across the country and several groups of protesters gathered near the event’s location.

For the most part, the protests remained peaceful, however police have been looking for people who were handing out suspicious yellow stickers near the entrance to the Republican gathering.

A Georgia state trooper and a Cleveland police officer, both part of the convention’s security team, were treated for unknown skin irritations after someone stuck yellow stickers on their arms, according to Cleveland police.

The law enforcement officials reportedly experienced numbness in their arms after stickers stating “I am awesome” were placed on them in the downtown area, according to WOIO.

Later, another police officer reportedly felt numbness on his neck after someone placed one of the yellow stickers there, WHIO reported.

It was unknown if the adhesives caused the numbness and skin irritations, but police have been warning about the situation via social media.


The mysterious stickers were being tested by the FBI and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, according to police and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor spokesman Joe Frolik, WHIO reported.

While the connection between the stickers and the skin irritations was not immediately clear, it seemed more than coincidental that the same officers who received the stickers also experienced the irritations.

These types of biological attacks can be particularly threatening because they’re hard to predict, prepare for, or prevent from happening. It’s much easier to carry a sticker around than to conceal a firearm, and a strong enough biological agent could cause serious health issues for those who come into contact with it.

Thankfully, these police officers weren’t seriously impacted by the suspicious stickers, but those responsible need to be punished for their disgusting attempt to harm innocent men and women.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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