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UPDATE: Has Hillary Suffered a Public Seizure?

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Controversial video footage taken in recent weeks of Hillary Clinton, is raising serious questions that at best shows very bizarre behavior, and at worst signals she may be suffering from serious Health concerns, and maybe even suffered a public Seizure on camera. According to some witnesses of the event, Hillary’s security team quickly removed her from the scene following the incident, and cleared the area. debunked suggestions the puzzling behavior was a seizure by simply offering there is no ‘credible evidence that she actually suffered a seizure’. Well Snopes, that is tantamount to FBI Director Comey proving “Intent”. It also doesn’t mean that a crime, or in this instance a possible seizure, couldn’t have or didn’t happen.  Watch the video,  and I will offer some information that lends merit to the possibility that something larger is actually going on.

Hillary’s health has been cause for speculative concern starting back in December of 2012, when she was hospitalized for four days suffering from a concussion, after “fainting and striking her head in the subsequent fall”. Wikipedia defines a concussion as “2] is the most common type of traumatic brain injury.” The cause of the fainting was reportedly due to dehydration from a Virus she contracted while traveling as Secretary of State. During a follow up for the concussion, an MRI was performed, and it was revealed that Hillary Clinton was being treated for a blood clot in her brain caused by the concussion, requiring more  extensive treatment. A Transverse  Cerebral Thrombosis is the medical terminology for the blood clot she specifically had, and is what she was treated for. Following President Bill Clinton’s later revelation that she required six months recovery, it suggests the severity of her Traumatic Brain Injury, and the Transverse Cerebral Thrombosis,  were intentionally understated for political purposes. The use of the words “Concussion”, and “Blood Clot” instead of the actual medical terminology,  is an overt and conscious political action to  discount the seriousness of the Medical terminology by using layman terms that are much less alarming to the average American, and voter. The Thrombosis was actually a serious life-threatening condition, and Hillary could have suffered a stroke or cardiac arrest had it not been discovered and treated promptly. I have to think that the MRI was ordered due to problems or symptoms Hillary was experiencing that led to the imaging.

At the time of Hillary’s hospitalization and release,  GOP strategist, and Fox News Political pundit Karl Rove, was likely the first to raise concerns while commenting on footage of her hospital release by noting the thick glasses she wore,  that something was amiss.

“Thirty days in the hospital,” Rove said. “And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses (Fresnel Prism) that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

(To be fair and correct on the record, Rove admittedly misspoke about her time in the hospital, it was only 4 days- her recovery from the time of the illness and injury was 30 days he said)

According to husband President Bill Clinton in an interview with ABC News, it took Hillary 6 months to, as he said ‘get over’ the Concussion offering a timeline for her illness and injury.

A month later In January 2013,  Hillary Clinton appeared before the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi attacks. Hillary was forced to reschedule due to her health concerns, the original date of December 20th, 2012 for testimony. Hillary was wearing the special Prism glasses that Rove had referred to earlier for her blurring, and double vision symptoms she was still experiencing with her recovery from the TBI. Her staff explained that they were part of her “ongoing Concussion Treatment”.

Hillary appeared before the House Benghazi Committee wearing special “Fresnel Prism” glasses used to treat symptoms of blurred and double-vision with Traumatic Brain Injury sufferers.

Now clearly I am not a Neurologist, or an M.D. But, what I see in the video as a layman with some intellect, is troubling. What I have learned from the research of this article is cause for concern to me, and should be to all American’s for several reasons.

Is it possible Hillary’s aversion to holding Press Conferences or her reluctance for anything except essential public and campaign appearances; is a disciplined effort of maintaining a low profile concealing a medical issue that is causing Seizures?

Could this just be an effort at Hillary humor? Possibly, but it would be the first attempt at humor by her I can ever recall, and mimicking a spastic, or epileptic seizure for the sake of comedy, wouldn’t be Politically Correct; just ask Donald Trump. If it were meant as humor,  it was way over the top, and out of character with the cautious, and careful  campaign team she employs. Also, Democrats in particular are paranoid,  and sensitive to any blunders, or gaffes that are Howard Deanesque in the suicidal fashion of that campaign ending scream.

To those that dismiss the video as not indicative of a seizure, because Hillary maintained consciousness, and never collapsed; I offer some basic online research I performed for my own curiosity.  First off, there are many types, and causes of Seizures. Grand-Mal epileptic seizures are the type that we often associate and visualize as seizures. They involve loss of consciousness and bodily control, lasting several minutes with victims falling to the ground and writhing uncontrollably. Milder seizures occur in mere seconds and are not as dramatic. From the WebMD website I found these types. If I were to associate what I see in the video with the types listed; I would think the closest description would be to Clonic Seizures, or Petit-Mal.  (Petit was the Epilepsy patient commentator opinion of seizure type Hillary likely experienced,  that he saw in the video). 

What association or linkage to her Concussion, or Blood Clot could there be connecting the speculation of seizures in the video? We know that Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion is serious. I think we can also extrapolate that even more so, when a Transverse Cerebral Thrombosis becomes a complication afterward. I found this while researching possible complications for this article.  Concussion complications from the Centers for Disease Control government website.

Post Traumatic Seizures

Seizure occurs days to months after concussion
Does require seizure management and precautions
Usually requires anticonvulsant therapy
(emphasis is mine)

I also found this from the Mayo Clinic on complications of Concussions.

Potential complications of concussion include:
Epilepsy. People who have had a concussion double their risk of developing Epilepsy within the first five years after the injury.
(emphasis is mine)

According to the Epilepsy Foundation Seizure triggering precautions can include- Loud Sound and light stimulation. Sleep deprivation- fatigue/exhaustion. Stress. Specific foods, excess caffeine.

All of the highlighted triggering precautions in my above paragraph were involved in that video with the Stress, fatigue, and Light and sound stimulation of a campaign for President at that press event. Then there a triggering foods, drinks, and caffeine that can trigger seizures. All could have set off  the possible seizure event we saw in that video. Seizures could be occurring and plausible if Hillary was suffering from Post-Concussion seizures, or Epileptic seizures caused by their Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion. One thing comes back to me that Hillary said in the video, just recovered from her shaking and convulsions following her pull on that straw of the Chai Tea she was drinking before this odd ‘event’. As she recovered Hillary said, “You guys have got to try the cold Chai” as she lifted up her Chai tea cup with about one-third of it already having been consumed.
So, learning that caffeine is officially a no-no as an seizure trigger, I decided to try and research Chai Tea specifically for any possible specific triggering experiences and knowledge. (emphasis mine)

I found this web forum and experience shared by Chel in Australia.

// // Weird Seizure Triggers! Do you have any? – Epilepsy Forum//

Chai tea

Something in chai tea (which contains a combination of spices) is a trigger, but we don’t know specifically what.

Chai tea had me climbing the walls, not getting any sleep (probably having nocturnal seizures), having the full range of simple partials and I also had some complex partials. At the time, I thought I was going mad, as I just couldn’t function at work or at home.

Since diagnosed with temporal lobe E, and now much more under control (mostly due to controlling my triggers, along with Tegretol, although I need a higher dose). The rest of my triggers are pretty “standard”.


(emphasis mine)

Another post by an Epilepsy sufferer named Riva related this experience.
Foods that trigger [Archive] – NeuroTalk Support Groups

09-14-2006, 05:10 PM
I have noticed this morning, I had absence szs. I have been off caffine and
by mistake last nite I had a chai tea which I enjoyed so much. But
unfortunalty it gave me a few absences in the morning.

Does anybody else have food triggers?


(emphasis mine)

As a Christian,  my foremost concern is for Hillary’s well-being and health. I pray that she isn’t suffering from lasting,  or secondary effects of her Traumatic Brain Injury. We all know Hillary’s greatest ambition, and mission to accomplish in her life; is the Presidency. I would like to think she wouldn’t deceive Americans, concealing a serious health malady. Unfortunately, she has a record lacking in veracity,  and I wouldn’t put that beyond her.

Secondly, I would call upon her in light of the questions raised by this video, as should all  Americans, to  release all of her complete medical treatment, and prescription records from today, and going back to the time of her illness, and traumatic brain injury in 2012. That is a duty, and obligation she owes to the American people in determining her fitness to perform her responsibilities as the potential President.


I think the video and information shared here raise serious questions and concerns that justify further investigation, and clarification. This is not intended as a condemnation of her condition, should it be true. Millions of people suffer from Epilepsy, and Traumatic Brain Injury. They valiantly, and bravely lead productive lives, contributing greatly to society. I simply believe that American Voters have the right to be fully informed of any concealed medical conditions, or serious injury in their candidates for President, that are potentially exposed by this Video. I have hope that Dr. Ben Carson will view the video footage, and weigh in with his opinion. Unlike myself, as one of the premier world experts in the field of Neurology, perhaps Dr. Carson’s trained eye could see something Hillary isn’t revealing to Americans; or perhaps he could confirm that there is nothing there?

Barring that, on these are questions where truth is concerned,  and based upon her record; Hillary’s word will not suffice. Only her complete medical records as ‘credible evidence’ can satisfy and explain.


Author Update July 26, 2016 

After publishing this article a friend posted a video parody from video of a Hillary coughing fit. I seemed to recall many videos with Hillary having uncontrollable coughing fits. One notable instance struck during her Benghazi hearing testimony. Many,  including Matt Drudge,  speculated publicly that her Thyroid condition was raging out of control and causing it. I don’t think it has anything to do with her Thyroid, but I do think complications from her Traumatic Brain Injury would be a more likely possibility. Particularly if she now suffers from Epilepsy, caused by her TBI.

In the video of her numerous coughing episodes, they all seem as though she has ‘swallowed down the wrong pipe’ the medical term for that is “Aspiration”. For many of us, that happens rarely with a short and forceful coughing spell that typically vacates the liquid from our lungs. For Hillary, given all the video instances, I fear it’s an alarming amount of times. Given the numerous instances, I have to wonder; how many coughing fits does she suffer away from public and camera view? Especially with her press aversion and phobia for not doing press conferences.

I asked myself, how could this new malady of Chronic and uncontrollable fits, be caused or related to her Traumatic Brain Injury, or Epilepsy? I found ample data to suggest that it absolutely could,  and would be, related to both her TBI, or Epilepsy.

I discovered some pertinent information from: I am excerpting these paragraphs from that page with all rights reserved to T.J. Nelson:

‘You might be surprised to know that we still aren’t sure about the neurological mechanisms of cough. According to some neurologists, the cough center may be located in the brain stem[4].

And then this from the same url’s page:

‘Greenfield’s Neuropathology says[6] that CAT and MRI imaging have shown that the brain stem is frequently damaged in traumatic brain injury. This is something, they say, that was not recognized before the advent of brain imaging. The brain stem is, of course, essential for bodily function: primary brain stem hemorrhages carry a mortality rate of 83%, with almost half the survivors being left in a vegetative state.[7]’

I think this makes sense in correlation to involuntary coughing and the brain stem as being a control center. I have personal experience and knowledge of this from five years ago when my father-in-law had invasive neurosurgery to remove a benign brain tumor. Shortly after he had subsequent “gamma-knife” surgery treatment for a second tumor that was too dangerous for conventional scalpels. One of his symptoms leading to his diagnosis of the tumor, was it’s effect on the brain stem and his chronic coughing episodes. He also had difficulty with swallowing before and after the surgery and gamma knife treatment that actually required physical therapy for his swallowing so he wouldn’t “aspirate” his foods or drink. I also recall well my late mother having aspiration and swallowing problems in the late stages of her Alzheimer’s disease while I would carefully be feeding her.

Complications of Hillary’s TBI may very well have damaged her brain stem and be the cause for Hillary’s coughing fits. Considering her TBI, or the subsequently documented Transverse Cerebral Thrombosis she suffered from,  it is possible that the portion of the brain called the Medulla oblongota (commonly referred to as the ‘brain stem’ where it really just resides) was damaged.

The Medulla/Brain stem controls involuntary functions essential to sustaining our lives, like Breathing, cardiac stimulation, swallowing, and the defensive involuntary coughing reflex and closing off function in the trachea keeping food, liquid, and saliva, as we euphemistically refer to it,  from ‘going down the wrong pipe’ into our airway, and lungs.  If the brain is injured, specifically the Medulla/Brain stem, this may result in the closing function and reflex not working properly causing ‘Laryngeal Cough Reflex’ or LCR.  Most of us have had that rare experience and joy, after accidentally inhaling liquids into the wrong pipe and it triggers our brain’s response with a strong and forceful reflex reaction of hard violent coughing to expel any foreign substance from our respiratory tract, and lungs. Usually the LCR takes care of this in short order, ranging from a few seconds or under a minute in most cases. Frequent,  or heavy ‘Aspiration’ if severe enough,  leads to a serious condition called ‘Aspiration Pneumonia’.

‘Aspiration Pneumonia’ or ‘Laryngeal Cough Reflex’ I found information on these in this published Medical Study:
Correlation Between Voluntary Cough and Laryngeal Cough Reflex Flows in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury

there was also this:

‘2 Sixty percent of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) develop aspiration pneumonia.’

and then this:

‘Laryngeal cough reflex (LCR) is a brain stem–mediated involuntary reflex. 5 LCR protects the upper airway from significant aspiration of food, fluids, or secretions and reduces the risk of respiratory complications such as pneumonia’

What about a possible link of Epilepsy to Hillary’s Chronic Coughing fits, outside of TBI or LCR uncontrolled LCR triggers?

When I researched complications of Epilepsy, here is what was listed at this Govt. Medical website:

(Epilepsy) Possible Complications
Complications may include:

‘Breathing in food or saliva into the lungs during a seizure, which can cause aspiration pneumonia’

The reason Aspiration is a common complication among Epilepsy patients is that during a seizure, the victim loses control of their involuntary ability to close the trachea from ingesting liquids, saliva, or vomit into the lungs that may occur during a seizure. Aspiration Pneumonia can occur when there are large or frequent episodes that occur.

I believe it is extremely plausible to conclude that if Hillary was in fact suffering Epileptic seizures, away from the public, or the camera’s eye, it is causing aspiration complications. Her chronic coughing fits could be the result of seizures we have not witnessed because she has controlled the seizures tightly with medication. In the instances of coughing fits I have seen the coughing is ‘wet’ to me, indicating mucous or phlegm evacuation, not of a dry throat irritation nature (where the water or cough drops would solve it quickly). The one possible public seizure episode captured on the Video that drives this story, could have been a rare event that broke through her medicated state with triggers from a caffeinated Chai Tea, the boisterous and noisy crowd, the bright lights, or the triggers found during the stress, and fatigue found on the campaign trail.

These coughing fits now lend even more credence, and importance to a prompt and full release of Hillary Clinton’s medical records. What was claimed a “complete release of her medical records” last year, was only a two page letter of summary. It revealed publicly known treatments,  and concerns from her personal Physician saying she was fit. That isn’t good enough. Unfortunately, she is responsible for “The Hillary Standard” and there is more to this story of seizure and coughing fits I believe, than Hillary is telling us. The American voters deserve the full release of all her records, and medications prescribed. Anything less, is unacceptable.

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