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  • Florida Bar Owner Encourages Patrons To PEE On Kaepernick Jersey Stickers!

    A Florida bar owner is making a statement with Colin Kaepernick decals he put on the urinals in the bathroom, allowing patrons to urinate on them. Bill Alcock, owner of the Winners Circle Sportsbar & Grill in Lakeland, put little decals of Colin Kaepernick’s NFL jersey–reading “Kaeperdick,” instead of “Kaepernick”–on the urinals in the bathroom at […] More

  • Cleveland Police Officers On Alert After Several Fall Ill From Stickers Handed Out At RNC

    Police officers in Cleveland were on high alert last week during the Republican National Convention as people flooded into the city from across the country and several groups of protesters gathered near the event’s location. For the most part, the protests remained peaceful, however police have been looking for people who were handing out suspicious yellow […] More