Texas Lawmaker Links Barack Obama To Group Of Violent Killers

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Conservatives have been adamant that President Barack Obama’s immigration policies have been ineffective and detrimental to our national security, but one Texas lawmaker has revealed the true danger in this administration’s policies.

Republican Rep. Pete Sessions spoke to The Hill on Thursday about the recent surge in migrants from Central America, and he was more than displeased with how the Obama administration has planned to handle the threat.

The president’s immigration enforcement policy has not only been ineffective, but it has been “completely helping out (the cartels’) business model,” Sessions explained.

This administration has played a role in breaking the law and helping out the cartels, according to the Texas conservative, who doubted that the Department of Homeland Security’s planned immigration raids in coming months would do any good.

The DHS deterrence program was designed to keep people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras from attempting to enter the United States via Mexico

However, experts have found that skyrocketing crime rates in those countries fuel the mass migration to the U.S., regardless of this administration’s weak enforcement actions.

Sessions has been particularly adamant that the president’s policies have not worked, pointing to the reality on the border as proof of ineffectiveness.

Instead of being tough on those who illegally enter the country, the administration’s message has been “once you get here, you raise your hand and we take you into custody and release you, giving you only a ticket,” according to Sessions who doesn’t believe that anyone is actually fearful of our deterrence programs.

“The Barack Obama administration is complicitous (sic) in helping the illegal drug (trade), and money laundering, and people, the transactions with people, completely helping out their business model,” Sessions said. “So to say that there’s fear is not truthful.”

In fact, the Obama administration has actually helped “create more illegality and things which are really unhealthy for communities, including the communities that many of these people live within,” Sessions explained.

The Texas lawmaker had a truly radical idea for the president to employ instead — following the laws that already exist regarding illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, this president has proved countless times that he has no intention of following any laws because he believes he is more powerful than the Constitution.

The good news? We have only 242 more days left of this incompetence.

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(via: Conservative Tribune)

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