Trump’s Message To Hillary That Will DESTROY Her Campaign!

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Throughout much of the election cycle thus far, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly promised his supporters that he would hit former secretary of State Hillary Clinton hard.

Though he has stated that he hasn’t even really gotten started yet against the presumptive Democrat nominee, that may be about to change if a top Trump campaign aide is to be believed.

According to The Hill, senior Trump aide Stephen Miller told CNN on Thursday that the campaign would be stepping up their attacks against Hillary as the cycle moves closer to the general election.

“I think we’re definitely going to be a lot more aggressive,” Miller said, confirming host Brooke Baldwin’s followup question that the escalation would include personal attacks.

“On every kind of attack,” Miller replied. “Because Hillary Clinton would be an extremely dangerous person to put in the White House.”

Thus far, Trump’s attacks on Hillary have largely been centered on her “enabling” of former President Bill Clinton‘s alleged sexual misconduct over the years, even going so far as to accuse Bill of “rape.”

As to Hillary herself, Trump has mentioned her stance in favor of strict gun control, her likely criminal private email setup (which is being investigated by the FBI), and the obvious corruption of the Clinton Family Foundation.

It will be interesting to see just how hard Trump will hit Hillary during the general election and what effect that will have, as she will likely be unprepared for the ferocity with which Trump has been known to unleash on his opponents.

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(via: Conservative Tribune)

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