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  • This Girl Stood Up For President Trump, But When She Did The Left ATTACKED Her In The Worst Way

    Remember how leftists are always saying how much they love women? Well, apparently the ones attacking Makenna Greenwald haven’t gotten that memo yet. Greenwald made headlines last week when she took pictures of herself cleaning up President Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame. She posted those pictures to Instagram, saying she had “nothing […] More

  • Trump Says He Has a Gift For Homeless Woman Who Protected His Walk Of Fame Star

    The Los Angeles police are looking for a homeless woman who was verbally abused and harassed on Thursday for protecting Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. A videotape taken Thursday and reported on by Breitbart News showed a woman sitting on the sidewalk with pro-Donald Trump signs being cursed at and according to the Los Angeles Times “apparently […] More