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  • Mnuchin Hits Back At Dems: Refuses To Let Them WEAPONIZE The IRS For Their Twisted Political Games


    Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin clapped back at Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) on Wednesday after the Maryland senator asked questions regarding the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns, stating the administration was worried about the “weaponization” of the IRS. During a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing on the IRS and Treasury Department budget requests, Mnuchin — […] More

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  • STEVE MNUCHIN: Democrats Will NEVER Get Trump’s Tax Returns…EVER…So Stop Asking


    Five p.m. today, the deadline set by House Ways and Means Committee, Massachusetts Democrat Richard Neal for the production of six years of the income tax returns filed by President Trump and all the business entities he runs, came and went. Instead of several hundred pages of confidential filings that could be leaked, Neal was […] More

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  • Government Shutdown Sends Stocks Plummeting – Mnuchin Calls In ‘Plunge Protection Team’

    With stocks down sharply and the S&P 500 index reportedly on pace for its biggest percentage drop in December since the Great Depression, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called the heads of the six top U.S. banks and released a statement saying that there was “ample liquidity for investing” despite the government shutdown. According to the […] More

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  • Trump’s Inner Circle; Who He Trusts Most

    Donald Trump values loyalty above all else, and his inner-circle as president is likely to overlap with the small group of advisers who have been with him throughout the campaign. While he has said he will bring figures from outside of politics into the fold, he will first have to find roles for those who […] More

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