Trump’s Inner Circle; Who He Trusts Most

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Donald Trump values loyalty above all else, and his inner-circle as president is likely to overlap with the small group of advisers who have been with him throughout the campaign.

While he has said he will bring figures from outside of politics into the fold, he will first have to find roles for those who have helped him claim the Oval Office.

Here is a look at who those individuals are, and the roles they are likely to play in the Trump administration.

Mike Pence

The incoming vice president spent the campaign smoothing feathers that Mr Trump had ruffled.

A polished politician, the Indiana governor is far more popular than his boss, particularly among conservatives.

Mr Pence, 57, has hardline views on abortion and gay marriage, and pairs policy savvy with a folksy comportment.

He will serve as an emissary to Capitol Hill, while keeping one eye on his own presidential prospects down the line.

Rudy Giuliani

The former New York mayor has stood by Mr Trump throughout the campaign, making a series of ill-advised remarks but impressing the incoming president with his loyalty.

He will almost certainly be offered a top position in the new administration, with likely landing spots including director of homeland security or, due to his background as a prosecutor, attorney general.

At age 72, he will relish the opportunity to return to public office after 15 years.

Michael Flynn

The retired general has advised Mr Trump on foreign policy, aggressively defended his “America First” policies, and now has the inside track to lead the Pentagon in the Trump administration.

Mr Flynn recently told the Telegraph that Nato needed a significant overhaul, and that under Mr Trump the US would seek “a new set of 21st century alliances”.

Newt Gingrich

The bombastic former speaker of the house had a bipolar attitude toward Mr Trump during the campaign, portraying him in turn as a once-in-a-generation leader and a petulant child.

Mr Gingrich, 73, missed out on the vice presidential slot, but is now firmly in Mr Trump’s good books, and sources in the Trump campaign have said he would be considered for secretary of state.

Chief of staff is another possibility for Mr Gingrich, who left Congress in 1999.

Steven Mnuchin

Mr Trump has already reportedly settled on his chief fundraiser to head the Treasury.

Mr Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, lacks the national profile of some other possible appointments, but selecting a Wall St insider could help soothe nerves in the financial sector.

It may not go down as well with Mr Trump’s banker-bashing supporters.

His family

Donald Trump Jr has been floated as a possible cabinet secretary. He would be the first family member of a president to assume such a role since Robert F Kennedy became his brother John F Kennedy’s attorney general.

Jared Kushner, Mr Trump’s son-in-law and one of his top advisers, could also take a West Wing role.

Mr Trump himself suggested Ivanka Trump for a cabinet appointment, though she has signalled that she is more focused on her role at the Trump Organization.

(via: The Telegraph)


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