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The Biggest D*ck In Senate Contest Tightens Up

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For years now Chuck Schumer has occupied the position of the biggest idiot in the Senate, a spot previously occupied by Harry Reed who has since gone into retirement. But to say Schumer’s act has gotten somewhat stale is like stating that water is wet. Just witness Schumer’s somewhat repetitive twitter feed that includes such earth shattering and helpful tweets as:

Nowhere on his feed does Senator Schumer present his own “adequate national testing strategy”, but he is damned good at pointing out the failures of others as are most Senate Democrats (and House Democrats for that matter).

Schumer has even gone so far as to accuse Senate Republicans of being the “Conspiracy Caucus”

Let’s see, “holding sham hearings” and acting like “the conspiracy caucus”, and doing so when they (the Senate Republicans) should be focused on “helping Americans”?

Wait a minute ………

SENATE REPUBLICANS HAVE TURNED INTO *gasp* SENATE DEMOCRATS!! It must be that “Big Switch” thing that liberals talk about all the time in a failed attempt to disavow themselves of a past that includes slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and all the rest of their disgusting history

After all Senator Schumer’s party put the Coronavirus on the back burner (a virus that Nancy Pelosi assured us “Everyone knew about”) in order to present America (an America that didn’t know about the virus btw) with a Kabuki Theater play about impeachment (Note: No offense to actual Kabuki Theater performers)

It seems as if Chuck Schumer doesn’t have a very long memory, otherwise you might be forced to conclude that Crying Chuck (in addition to being a big d*ck) is also big old hypocrite.

In what can best be described as something of a surprise, Chuck Schumer has a challenger for the highly coveted “Biggest D*ck in Senate” award and that would appear to be Sherrod Brown a Senator from Ohio who is (as you might guess) a staunch Democrat. Not only is Brown trying to wrest the biggest Di*k title from Schumer, apparently Brown plans to obtain the nod as 2024’s Democratic Presidential nominee. This is evidenced By Brown’s attempts to also challenge Joe Biden’s title as “Most unwelcome toucher” which has been demonstrated by a multitude of news stories that propagated during Brown’s 2018 campaign for his current seat. Brown won despite the stories and despite his wife’s claims of a history of abuse, claims that she later refuted, which leads us to wonder if Brown is a friend of Hillary Clinton.

In a effort to demonstrate that he could bloviate at least as well as Schumer and thus qualify for the BD (Biggest D*ck) trophy Brown recently tangled with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. During a discussion about reopening America (something that Democrats everywhere oppose) Brown attacked Mnuchin saying

‘How many workers should give their lives to increase the GDP or the Dow Jones by a thousand points?’

According to an article appearing in “Market Watch”

Brown said he was hearing from experts that it was not safe to reopen the economy until there were better worker protections, including more testing, contact tracing and protective equipment. The senator said President Donald Trump has failed to lead the country on these matters.

Those pesky “experts” are no doubt calculating just how long America has to remain shut down in order to assure the DNC of a victory in Novembers election – the term “Until hell freezes over” comes to mind

Fortunately Brown was clearly avoiding politics, in fact he probably mentioned the whole “President Donald Trump has failed to lead the country” thing by accident. After all, when Mnuchin attempted to respond to Brown’s attack by stating that

“No workers should give their lives to do that, Mr. Senator, and I think your characterization is unfair,”

Mnuchin (before being cut off by the posturing Senator from Ohio) also added

“We have provided enormous amounts of equipment. We’ve worked with the governors. We’ve done a terrific job of getting …”

Which would seem like a good thing but apparently Brown (like Democrats everywhere) was very opposed to average Americans hearing anything positive. He quickly cut off Mnuchin saying that

“…..he wouldn’t let the Treasury boss “make a political speech.”

It appeared as if any political speeches were going to come from Senator doom and gloom, errr Brown or no one, you can see the whole sorry thing here

Golly he is almost as bad as Schumer, isn’t he?

Brown is adamantly opposed to grandstanding, unless of course he is the one doing it. The guy is great at pushing debunked talking points and doing so well after the rest of the world have disavowed them. He panders, he postures and he deflects, all the while holding himself blameless.

Apparently jealous of the attention that Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and a host of other liberals have received in the House, Brown is seeking the same attention in the Senate and anybody who wants to be the Adam Schiff of the Senate is surely a shoe in for Biggest Di*k.

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