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  • Pure EVIL: Rioters In Richmond Set Fire To Home With Child Inside, Block Firefighters From Rescue


    There is nothing to describe the actions of rioters in Richmond except pure evil. After setting fire to a building with a child inside, the evil cowards then blocked firefighters from attempting to rescue the child. As firefighters made their way to a burning home in Richmond, Virginia, protesters blocked nearby roads with vehicles,  according […] More

  • PSYCHO In Kilt And Combat Boots Attacks Police With Ax

    RICHMOND, Va. — Authorities have identified a Virginia man who police killed after officials say the shirtless, kilt-wearing man attacked an officer with a small ax. Richmond police identified the man Wednesday as 23-year-old Alexander J. Schoessel of Chester. Police and witnesses say that before he was shot on Tuesday, Schoessel had been walking around […] More

  • Kellyanne Conway Has NASTY Black Liberal Sexually Harass Her After White House Pic Goes Viral

    On almost a daily basis, liberals show us just how vile and disgusting their souls truly are. While we’ve gotten used to their antics since Trump got in office, one black congressman’s vitriolic comments about Kellyanne Conway were so disturbing, he needs to be forcibly removed from office immediately. Several days ago, President Trump held […] More