PSYCHO In Kilt And Combat Boots Attacks Police With Ax

RICHMOND, Va. — Authorities have identified a Virginia man who police killed after officials say the shirtless, kilt-wearing man attacked an officer with a small ax.

Richmond police identified the man Wednesday as 23-year-old Alexander J. Schoessel of Chester.

Police and witnesses say that before he was shot on Tuesday, Schoessel had been walking around downtown with an ax and a long knife, wearing nothing but a kilt and combat-style boots.

Police say officers tried to get the man to drop his weapons, but he wouldn’t comply and instead attacked police, prompting Officers Nicholas Pechstein and Joshua Sanborn to fire their weapons.

Authorities say Officer John Rotondi was caught in the line of fire, as a bullet hit his protective vest. Rotondi has been released from the hospital.

(via: Washington Post)

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