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  • POLL: Do You Support The Police Stopping Protesters From Burning The US Flag At RNC Convention?


    BREAKING VIDEO: Anti-American Protester Lights Himself On Fire While Burning American Flag At RNC Convention. 18 Flag Burning Protesters Were Arrested. Citizens and police stepped in to stop these hateful thugs from burning American flags. Poll: Do You Support The Police Stopping Protesters From Burning The US Flag At RNC Convention?  Take the poll below! More

  • The Republican Convention Night Three-Must See TV!!

    So far this Republican Convention has been the most fascinating one I’ve seen and definitely must see TV and Wednesday night was no exception. Featuring very passionate speakers who kept your attention and glued to your seat the convention got off to another whirlwind night. A highlight that turned into anger and disappointment was Ted […] More

  • Republican Convention Speaker List Includes Some Shocking Names

    There’s no Tim Bebow, no Don King or Mike Tyson and Al Sharpton will not be making an appearance, but the list of speakers at the Republican National Convention still includes some surprising names. The Republican National Convention released a partial speakers list Thursday for this year’s convention to be held July 18 – 21, […] More

  • BREAKING: Trump VP Pick Has Been Leaked

    There has been a whirlwind of names thrown about in the last few weeks for whom presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump will pick as his Vice Presidential choice. But, the choice may now be solidified. Via IndySTAR: Two U.S. senators on Donald Trump’s short list for running mate dropped out of consideration Wednesday, leaving Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in the top […] More

  • BREAKING: Cruz Camp Issues Statement On Private Trump Meeting And Endorsement Rumors!!

    This just came over email. The Cruz campaign has issued the following statement on the private meeting today between Senator Cruz, Donald Trump, and Chairman Priebus. HOUSTON, Texas – Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier issued the following statement regarding the meeting between U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Donald Trump this morning: “Sen. Cruz and Donald […] More