YUGE! Donald Trump Just Hit a MASSIVE Milestone…Beats His Own Prediction!

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Even his biggest fans admit that Donald Trump has been known to exaggerate.

He admits it himself — in his book The Art of the Deal, he called it “truthful hyperbole,” one of the tools in his high stakes negotiating kit.

So it’s ironic that reality has surpassed even Trump’s own sweeping predictions in one all important respect.

Breitbart reports…

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump sailed past his own campaign’s prediction on the final delegate count, and now heads into next month’s Republican National Convention.

After the final five state Republican primaries on Tuesday night, Trump stands at 1,536 delegates.

In April, Trump’s campaign predicted it would reach 1,400 delegates ahead of the convention to meet the threshold delegate requirement of 1,237 in order to clinch the nomination on the first ballot.

Trump broke the Republican primary record by 1.4 million votes, according to the conservative blog site, The Gateway Pundit.

Breitbart News earlier reported that following the New York primary in April, Trump already had two million more votes than GOP nominee Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Watch for more records to be broken this year, as this historic election continues to surprise even the key players.

VIA: Patriot Journal

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