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  • EPIC: Republicans Refute EVERY BOGUS Impeachment Accusation With 110 Page Report!


    After 12 witnesses brought before the House Intelligence Committee NOT ONE was able to find presidential misconduct. This was despite a committee where Chairman Schiff was judge and jury and refused Republicans their witnesses and cross examination. It was correctly called a Schiff Sham. Democrats were unable to find a single witness who corroborated their […] More

  • Democrats Will Hate This! Study Reveals America Is LESS RACIST Under Trump Than Obama!


    A study conducted by University of Pennsylvania sociologists showed that, contrary to mainstream reporting, America is less racist under President Donald Trump than more racist. According to Spectator, sociologists Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington gathered a randomly-selected panel of 2,500 Americans whose changing opinions have been under study since 2008. The two expected to hear an increase in […] More

  • BREAKING: FBI ADMITS That Hillary Clinton DOES Belong In Jail!

    Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in the news recently because she’s doing her best to remain low key, even as the subject of ongoing investigations. Ongoing, because the inquiries into her email scandal haven’t stopped, despite what the liberal media tells you on the matter. As many on the left think that Russia somehow doctored Clinton’s […] More

  • BREAKING NEWS: New Pages From 9/11 Report Released With EXPLOSIVE New Information

    There are many lingering questions surrounding the attack on Sept. 11, 2001. While Americans hoped for clarity in the highly-anticipated release of the “28 pages” of the 9/11 Commission’s final report previously hidden from public view, the opposite effect became a reality — we have more unanswered questions now than ever. In the report, which has […] More