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BREAKING: FBI ADMITS That Hillary Clinton DOES Belong In Jail!

Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in the news recently because she’s doing her best to remain low key, even as the subject of ongoing investigations. Ongoing, because the inquiries into her email scandal haven’t stopped, despite what the liberal media tells you on the matter.

As many on the left think that Russia somehow doctored Clinton’s lies to America and influenced the election, it seems that the FBI has uncovered the truth, and has released it to the public.

However, they did not announce it to the world press, perhaps hoping that the media wouldn’t pick up on it. Oh, how wrong they were.

Here’s the juicy bit [of the Wikileaks report] with the FBI admitting that Hillary Clinton was aware that she was breaking the law and lied to the American public.


Why, then was she let go? It’s because the Democrats in charge made decisions behind closed doors not to indict the corrupt crony knows as Hillary Clinton.

Here’s Trey Gowdy facing the head of the FBI James Comey, who was caught in the crossfire and chose to side with Clinton.

If you think that Hillary Clinton deserves prison because of this, you’re not alone. Share this article to spread the truth. The media can’t sweep this under the rug.

(via: Yes I’m Right)

34 comments on “BREAKING: FBI ADMITS That Hillary Clinton DOES Belong In Jail!
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      • hiway280z on said:

        There is justice in Heaven when we all face GOD almighty and his Son, Yahshua. We can not lie to them. Money won’t buy them, power is useless when facing them as they have the power. Lie to them and they know as they read hearts and have seen every thing and so lie’s won’t work either. The blood on their hands cries out to GOD and he hears.

  1. Larry Dalzell on said:

    A common person would already be jailed. Let’s not act in haste at this pont, as obozo will pardon this old skank…

    • I doubt he could pardon a crime that she had not yet been tried for. There is no way she can be tried before Obama leaves office – unless he decides to stay in the White House, which I fear may be the case. Every morning I wake up I look to see if martial law has been imposed by the Kenyan, merely so that he can retain his seat on the throne and AirForce One.

    • voncile fullwood on said:

      she hasn’t been charged with anything yet and if he declares Martial Law or start a war with Russia to stay in office then it’s up to the people to overthrow the dictator..the people had to overthrow Hitler

  2. I want all politicians treated just as ordinary citizens would be treated if they had done the same thing. ESPECIALLY SO IF THE POLITICIAN COMMITTED TREASON, WHICH CLINTON CLEARLY DID, ALONG WITH A HOST OF HELPERS AND ADVISORS. All of them belong in prison and NOT in an upscale prison. They belong in Leavenworth Federal Prison and treated as all other traitors have been treated. If such turns out to not be the case, then I demand that ALL AMERICAN PRISONERS IN THE US BE TURNED LOOSE…….THEN THE CITIZENS CAN PUNISH THEM – THE DRUG DEALERS, THE MURDERERS AND THE TREASONOUS BUNCH OF POLITICIANS. I’d bet the politicians would be the first ones punished by the public.

    Unfortunately we have so many serious criminals within our federal government that they are not ABOUT TO HANG ANY OF THE CLINTON GANG……BIRDS OF A FEATHER STICK TOGETHER.

    • I suspect if all the criminals in DC went you’d probably be left with a handful of staff, and of course Mr Trump. Perhaps then they could clean up DC…

  3. Hillary has done and IS doing so much harm to our country. Thank God Almighty she is not President..I just read that Hillary said this…”.Trump is not going to help the people…He is only in this for himself.” What a low life she is..I thank God she did not win…The democrats are trying so hard to put Trump down…I have never seen this before with any other Pres. Elect….or President and I am so sick of it all…It just makes me stronger on my belief that Mr. Trump is the right choice….She needs to be locked up so she does not do any more harm to our country that we all love…God please bless Mr. Trump and keep watch over him.

    • mallen11 on said:

      Yes, and the more one is doing the right thing the more the left disagrees. That is why we know Trump is doing the right thing. Prayers are very important in support of Mr. Trump and his administration and their families.

  4. Sharon Rose White on said:

    Make them all take a polygraph test, then you will get at the truth. I think they all lie to cover one another.

    • Sharon Rose White, they would pass the test because lying comes so naturally to them that the only way you would know they were lying is when the test question about a truth (like age, or daughter’s name) was asked. A polygraph relies on certain fluctuations that occur when you lie and these people think their lies are the truth so they don’t show any reactions.

  5. David Johnson on said:

    Well you can see where the uranium Hillary and Obama sent to Russia went, straight to Iran. They should both be shot for high treason.

  6. voncile fullwood on said:

    Oh Please! lock her up she has gotten by for to much for to long,for all the lives that she has caused to die and the lives of the four American’s in Benghazi and their families and the rest of the families…LOCK HER UP!!!!!

  7. Flush her and all her minions down the vilest sewer you can find, and make sure they all drown choking on excrement.

  8. Paula Brummett on said:

    Lock her up and throw the key away!! You and I would already be in prison. Hillary is no better and should be treated just like us.

  9. Tonya Parnell on said:


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