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  • WATCH: Sleepy Joe Literally FALLS ASLEEP During Town Hall Livestream With Hillary Clinton


    It seems President Trump was spot on when he adorned the title of “Sleepy Joe” to Joe Biden as the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate appears to nod off during a Town Hall livestream with Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden despite the sexual assault allegations from his former […] More

  • BREAKING: Trump Now LEADS National Polls After Convention Surge

    Donald Trump has taken the lead in the latest national polls after a surge in popularity stemming from the Republican National Convention and Vice Presidential pick. Via Breitbart: A five-day tracking poll backed by the Los Angeles Times shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton, 43 percent to 40 percent. The California newspaper hid the actual […] More

  • Clinton, Warren, Oh God.

    Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are together on the campaign trail today (Monday, June 27, 2016) claiming most adamantly that Hillary is a jobs creator (and other lies.)  And Donald Trump isn’t.   Oh?  Since when?  Under Obama the economy has been deliberately oppressed to advance his Socialist agenda and as far as I know […] More

  • Dems Say System Is ‘Rigged’ Against Bernie Sanders

    A week ago, New York Daily News columnist and Bernie Sanders supporter Shaun King tweeted the following about the Democratic caucuses in Washington, which took place in late March:           Whether King intended it or not, he implied that caucuses — which often require hours of participation and mean lower turnout — are […] More