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Clinton, Warren, Oh God.

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Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are together on the campaign trail today (Monday, June 27, 2016) claiming most adamantly that Hillary is a jobs creator (and other lies.)  And Donald Trump isn’t.   Oh?  Since when?  Under Obama the economy has been deliberately oppressed to advance his Socialist agenda and as far as I know Hillary never voiced disapproval.

As a senator representing New York Hillary promised to deliver 200,000 new jobs for the state but never could.  To claim now that she will create jobs is hard to believe when she wants to import thousands of additional immigrants who’ll need jobs too.  If she continues to follow Obama’s playbook, it is an ingenuous claim to say the least.  Her Socialist, globalist agenda favors imposing more and more regulations on Americans.  The only jobs that will create are for those who will enforce the new laws.

The only reason she’s claiming she wants to create and deliver jobs is because she knows it plays well with the voters.  Other than possibly hiring campaign people and household staff, has she ever created any jobs before?  No she hasn’t.  Donald Trump has created thousands of jobs and promised to be the greatest jobs creator for the country ever.

Is Hillary talking about building a wall?  No.  She wants more immigration.  Is she talking about rebuilding the infrastructure or the military?  I don’t think so.  She hasn’t revealed what she would do differently than Obama to create jobs and therefore I don’t believe her.   She’s already admitted she wants to put the coal miners out of business.  Her ideology is far more important than the jobs and lives at stake.

Does she mention abandoning any of Obama’s failed policies which are myriad?  Donald wants to dump Common Core which is a deliberately difficult, confusing and an unnecessary barrier to impose on our children’s education.  2 + 2 = 4 and we do not require a formula to come up with the correct answer.  He also wants to replace the Affordable Care Act which is proving to be disastrous since it requires continuous, supplemental funding of astronomical, unsustainable proportions.

Obama has given enormous authority to the U.S. ABC agencies which they now wield like the Gestapo against Americans.  Donald Trump has promised to dial them way back.   Our soldiers state side are unarmed and unprotected.  Donald will see to it that changes the first day on the job.  With Hillary everything will remain on the same Socialist, globalist course our country cannot survive.  She is an enemy of our sovereignty and that’s another reason she is unfit for the office.

Hillary claims Donald Trump is only out for himself.  His history of altruism tells another story.  Her history reveals just the opposite. She’s quite self-serving.  But she’s not known for her honesty nor of course is Warren.  Hillary claims Trump’s temperament is unfit for the presidency when in fact when comparing the two, his is far better.  He’s completely capable whereas she’s proved by her endless lying and her tragic failures in Benghazi and elsewhere, she is not.   I’m completely confident that Donald with his affable, poker- like approach, can hold his own with anyone.

I had a sinking feeling when I saw Hillary and Warren together today because Hillary has managed to fool so many people for so long.  Hillary and Warren are engaged in belittling Donald Trump while ignoring the fact that aside from her other frailties she’s under investigation for things done while serving as Secretary of State by the FBI!  Although Hillary claimed they were conducting a security review, the FBI said this is an investigation.  They do not conduct security reviews.   Pagliano, who installed her private server has been granted immunity against criminal prosecution for his testimony.  She’s even lying about this.  God save us from Hillary.  And God bless America.


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