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  • Remember When Liberals Called On ‘Patriotic’ Americans To Resist Trump And Harass Republicans?


    Remember when was “sedition” was “patriotic”? When “treason” was “voting your conscience”? Or when a “coups de grace” was “support and solidarity”? It’s understandable if you don’t remember, after all, it was four long years ago in an election far, far away. There’s been a lot of hyperbolic gobbledygook said about Donald Trump since then, so it’s […] More

  • Two Boston Police Officers Show The Human and Patriotic Side of Policing – ‘Beautiful Voices. This Is Who We Are!’


    A pair of Boston police officers ushered in this holiday week with a patriotic song that has inspired thousands “from the mountains to the prairies.” With political, racial, and other divisions plaguing society, Independence Day carves a moment in the middle of the nation’s week for Americans to remember their blessings and celebrate the country’s […] More

  • Liberals Are Less Patriotic

    The survey data are clear: There is a patriotism differential between the Right and the Left. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani instantly became the most notorious man in America when he said at a conservative dinner in Manhattan that President Barack Obama doesn’t love America. He gamely tried to defend the remark for […] More