Remember When Liberals Called On ‘Patriotic’ Americans To Resist Trump And Harass Republicans?

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Remember when was “sedition” was “patriotic”? When “treason” was “voting your conscience”? Or when a “coups de grace” was “support and solidarity”? It’s understandable if you don’t remember, after all, it was four long years ago in an election far, far away.

There’s been a lot of hyperbolic gobbledygook said about Donald Trump since then, so it’s understandable that this dreck dribbled down the memory hole of dumb things uttered by dumb people.

Four years ago, the Hollywood glitterati produced a video asking Republican members of the Electoral College to ignore the voters and instead dump Donald Trump. They called the video “Unite For America” to “support the electors.”

Oddly, calling for overturning an election was not dismissed out of hand as treasonous or seditious as it is now.

Now, instead of being refused seats on swanky Harvard University committees like Representative Elise Stefanik or being “un-personed” like brilliant Harvard graduates Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Hollywood encouraged the electors to be “heroic” and dump Trump because it was “patriotic.”

“The American people trusts that your voice speaks for us all,” intoned one actor.

Another actor affected a grave visage when she lectured from her deep knowledge of the Broadway musical Hamilton – who five minutes ago the Left wanted erased from the $20 bill because was a racist-white-slave-holding founding-father –

“You will make yourself heard on the constitutional responsibility granted to you by Alexander Hamilton himself.”


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