Two Boston Police Officers Show The Human and Patriotic Side of Policing – ‘Beautiful Voices. This Is Who We Are!’

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A pair of Boston police officers ushered in this holiday week with a patriotic song that has inspired thousands “from the mountains to the prairies.”

With political, racial, and other divisions plaguing society, Independence Day carves a moment in the middle of the nation’s week for Americans to remember their blessings and celebrate the country’s birthday. Officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty helped set the mood.

The Boston Police Department offered up the inspirational video of the officers singing “God Bless America” in their “Cop Pool Karaoke,” a play on late-night host James Corden’s popular videos featuring celebrities.

“Happy to see two of our officers, Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty, getting in the mood for all the upcoming 4th of July festivities planned for the Boston area and surrounding communities. Please feel free to sing along with them as they make their way through our city,” the Department wrote in a statement accompanying the video.

After a bit of talk by the officers about 4th of July festivities, McNulty said “God Bless America” by Irving Berlin is one of his favorite songs, though it is “underrated.”

“We should do a duet sometime,” McNulty suggested to Tavares.

“Everybody always says that, ‘When are you and Stevie going to sing together?’” Tavares replied. “Let’s try it.”

What follows is the pair belting out a beautiful rendition of the song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 during World War I as they drive around the community in the police cruiser.

“I like it! Alright, we’ll work on it,” McNulty laughs at the end as both he and Tavares share a laugh.

The video has been seen over 180,000 times on the Boston Police Department’s Facebook page as well as being shared nearly 3,300 times.

The officers were showered with praise on Twitter as well, with many thanking the officers for their patriotism and their service.

While tomorrow may throw many back into what seems like the “new normal” these days, this video and all that Independence Day represents gives Americans a chance to hit pause and realize what brings us together as people is far more powerful than what separates us, as many would have us believe.

God Bless America.



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