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  • POLL: Has Barack Obama Been A Weak And Cowardly Leader?

    President Obama has failed to take action against China for their recent capture of a U.S. drone.  This comes after many previous incidents in which his political opponents have called him ‘weak’ for failing to take action against foreign leaders after acts of aggression against the United States. Given his propensity to allow foreign leaders […] More

  • BOOM: Trump Calls Out Act Of War…Obama Is Humiliated!

    Each day we seem to get new previews of what the Trump presidency is going to look like.  And without exception. what this portends is a huge improvement over the failed policies and weak actions of the Obama administration.  For example, Donald Trump is already saving thousands of US jobs while Mr. Obama looks on, […] More

  • Hardcore Leftist News Host Breaks Down, Admits Trump ‘MUCH STRONGER’ Than Obama Already [VIDEO]

    In the wake of Donald Trump’s epic election win, liberals and liberal news networks alike have been crying foul because their darling, Hillary Clinton didn’t win. However, as the dust has now settled, the results are speaking for themselves, and even liberals with brains full of rocks can admit that Donald Trump may just be […] More