BOOM: Trump Calls Out Act Of War…Obama Is Humiliated!

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Each day we seem to get new previews of what the Trump presidency is going to look like.  And without exception. what this portends is a huge improvement over the failed policies and weak actions of the Obama administration.  For example, Donald Trump is already saving thousands of US jobs while Mr. Obama looks on, revealing his own impotence, and his indifference to the concerns of working men and women.

Even China is taking note, and is coming to the realization that things are going to be very different with Mr. Trump in charge.  The days of Mr. Obama, who was famous for bowing before foreign leaders, both physically and figuratively, end in one month.  And those leaders in foreign capitals are already making adjustments.

The recent seizure of an American unmanned underwater drone offers an opportunity to see the stark difference between the leadership style of Donald Trump as contrasted to the non-leadership of Barack Obama.  Getting up to speed on the incident we read that, “The underwater drone was being used by the US Navy to test water conditions in international waters. The Chinese would not answer when we demanded they return it. It was a blatant act of war and should have been treated as such. Of course, there was no response from Barack Obama. But President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on the matter and that is all it took. Several hours after Trump said the act was unprecedented, the Chinese said the US had hyped up the whole thing and they would return the drone. Trump is not even in office yet and the communist Chinese fear him more than Obama.”

The Chinese have had no reason to respect Mr. Obama.  His “red lines” that have been so famously ignored by Middle Eastern nations are a joke.  Those with competing or hostile intentions regarding the United States were correct in their assumptions that there would be no consequences for ignoring Mr. Obama’s ultimatums.  What he said and what actions could be anticipated just couldn’t have been further apart.

This is not what’s going to happen with Donald Trump leading our nation.  He knows the difference between rashness and cowardliness and will eschew both of those positions.  We can expect strong, intelligent, resolute leadership – and the Chinese drone incident is a fine preview.

As a side issue, the best the left could do about this was to complain about a spelling error in Mr. Trump’s tweet. Leftist Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut was the source of this complaint, something picked up by the mainstream media in its desperate search for something negative to say about Mr. Trump.

In other words, as Trump straightens out the Chinese, “[W]hat does the ‘fake’ mainstream media focus on? Donald Trump misspelled ‘unprecedented’. The original tweet said ‘unpresidented’. He may have just misspelled it or auto correct on his phone may have been less than helpful. Either way, the media instead of reporting on an act of war, fixated on a spelling error.”

Mr. Trump continues to display real leadership, something that has been absent from the White House for at least eight years with tragic results.  True leadership does not include making bellicose threats as Mrs. Clinton could have been expected to have done.  Nor does it include cowering in fear and hiding behind meaningless rhetoric as we’ve seen from Mr. Obama.

America and the world are about to get a lesson in what real leadership looks like.  And it is starting already.

Source:  Right Wing News

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