Hardcore Leftist News Host Breaks Down, Admits Trump ‘MUCH STRONGER’ Than Obama Already [VIDEO]

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s epic election win, liberals and liberal news networks alike have been crying foul because their darling, Hillary Clinton didn’t win. However, as the dust has now settled, the results are speaking for themselves, and even liberals with brains full of rocks can admit that Donald Trump may just be what America has needed all along.

Cenk Uygur, the head of the popular far-left YouTube channel The Young Turks, has been a Trump critic for as long as the election process itself, going as far as dismissing Trump as a joke candidate and spreading the kind of divisive rhetoric that would incite riots in liberal cities after Trump was inevitably elected.

However, Uygur recently swallowed his pride and came to terms with the fact that Donald Trump’s deal with the air conditioner Carrier (that allowed 1,000 jobs to stay in the US) was not only good for the country, but it was something Obama could not have done because of his inherent weakness in comparison to Trump’s strength.

Here’s Uygur to explain:

I’m glad that even liberals can wake up to the fact that Trump may just have a grasp of what he’s doing, and only together can we make America great again. Who’s with me?

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