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  • CNN Sets A RAGING WILDFIRE After Writing A Sympathy Piece For The NM Compound Terrorists


    CNN has shocked and outraged Americans with a recently published story, offering sympathy to the terrorists who ran a compound in New Mexico, where prosecutors allege they trained children to “shoot schools and hospitals.” The headline CNN used for the story reads: New Mexico Compound Family Struggled With Life Off The Grid. The decomposed body […] More

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  • New Evidence Presented Reveals That RELEASED NM Compound Terrorists Were Actively Plotting Terror Attack!


    Roughly a week after a Democrat state judge from New Mexico granted bond to five Islamic radicalswho were caught at a compound training abused children to be school shooters, prosecutors shared disturbing evidence in court that the five may be planning a terrorist attack. The evidence included a document found at the compound titled, “Phases of a Terrorist […] More

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