CNN Sets A RAGING WILDFIRE After Writing A Sympathy Piece For The NM Compound Terrorists

CNN has shocked and outraged Americans with a recently published story, offering sympathy to the terrorists who ran a compound in New Mexico, where prosecutors allege they trained children to “shoot schools and hospitals.”

The headline CNN used for the story reads: New Mexico Compound Family Struggled With Life Off The Grid.

The decomposed body of a young child was also discovered amidst the squalor.

The reactions to the article were complete shock, outrage, and utter disgust. We have seen a lot of terrible things from CNN, but this story angle caught people so off guard, they were stunned.

In what can only be called radicalized propaganda, we have a mainstream media “news” outlet, spinning a story on homegrown radical terrorism, and child abuse into a sympathetic piece.

Via TruthFeed

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