New Evidence Presented Reveals That RELEASED NM Compound Terrorists Were Actively Plotting Terror Attack!

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Roughly a week after a Democrat state judge from New Mexico granted bond to five Islamic radicalswho were caught at a compound training abused children to be school shooters, prosecutors shared disturbing evidence in court that the five may be planning a terrorist attack.

The evidence included a document found at the compound titled, “Phases of a Terrorist Attack,” that listed detailed instructions on how to plan and execute a terror attack, according to CNN, which had a chance to review the prosecutors’ filing.

It specifically listed “instructions for ‘The one-time terrorist,’ instructions on the use of a ‘choke point,’ a location ‘called the ideal attack site,’ the ‘ability to defend the safe haven,’ the ‘ability to escape-perimeter rings,’ and ‘sniper position detection procedure,’” the filing reportedly read.

Prosecutors filed the evidence in a bid to persuade Judge Sarah Backus to reconsider the $20,000 bond she had set for each suspect on Aug. 13.

The judge argued at the time that prosecutors had failed to convince her that the Islamists posed a threat to the community as per their child abuse charges. She therefore set a $20,000 signature bond for each suspect and ordered that they wear ankle monitors and maintain contact with their attorneys.

The judge allowed for bond despite knowing that the suspects had been found at the compound conducting weapons training with 11 abused children. She also knew that the lead perpetrator, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, is the son of Siraj Wahhaj, a controversial Brooklyn imam of the same name who was named a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings that left six dead and 1,000+ injured.

The evidence submitted by prosecutors this week also included quotes from the abused children about the other suspects, including Wahhaj’s partner, Jany Leveille; Wahhaj’s sisters, Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhannah Wahhaj; and a fifth individual identified only as Lucas Morten.

Some of the children reportedly told authorities that Morten had “stated he wished to die in Jihad, as a martyr,” prosecutors revealed in their motion. “At times, Jany Leveille would laugh and joke about dying in Jihad as would Subhanna Wahhaj.”

Prosecutors also cited a letter from Morton to Wahhaj’s brother urging him to follow Allah “until he makes you die a martyr as you wanted and the only way is by joining the righteous.”

As of Sunday, it appeared all five suspects still remained free, though two of them — Wahhaj and his partner — were reportedly hit with additional charges Friday for the death of a child. At the compound in New Mexico authorities found the body of a child believed to be Wahhaj’s son.

Reports suggest Wahhaj kidnapped his son from the mother and then performed a fatal exorcism on him to rid him of his seizure symptoms, which he believed were signs of demonic possession.

It’s unclear if Wahhaj and his partner have been rearrested, especially in light of the judge’s penchant for treating dangerous criminals with kid gloves.

“Just last month, she set a $10,000 bond for Rafael Orozco, a 24-year-old Taos man accused of battering his girlfriend, his newborn child and a health care worker at Holy Cross Hospital in September 2016,” Fox News notes.

It also remains unclear why none of the suspects have been charged with trying to commit terrorism.


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