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  • Ohio State Attack Reminds Us: We MUST Be Cautious Vetting Muslim Refugees

    Yesterday, November 28th, the Students and faculty at Ohio State University suffered the most recent Terror attack by a Muslim terrorist on American’s who used his car and a butcher knife as weapons to carry out his attack. This Somali Muslim Refugee was granted entry into the United States from a failed or dysfunctional terrorist state. This was not the […] More

  • Texas Just Told Obama To Take His Refugee Program And Shove It

    When it comes to not really caring what Obama says or does, Texas pretty much wins in every category. They’ve now shut down Muslims, sharia law, and now they are telling Obama and his refugee resettlement program to shove off. Texas is awesome. You just don’t mess with them, as the old saying goes. Obama […] More

  • The Refugee Trojan Horse

    The problem is not immigration per se, but our obsession with it by the wrong people in charge bent on using it to destroy us. In continuing with his evil plan to transform America Obama is sending these so called refugees throughout the country without even vetting them. Who knows who they are and what […] More

  • On Idaho Refugee Program Crime- Mum’s the Word

      Tempers are flaring in Twin Falls, Idaho. In early June a local five year old girl was sexually molested and assaulted by 3 underage refugee boys from Iraq and Sudan resettled in Idaho Falls by Obama’s refugee resettlement program. Local officials are facing a backlash within their community for clamping a firm lid down on this pressure-cooker issue to keep it […] More