The Refugee Trojan Horse

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The problem is not immigration per se, but our obsession with it by the wrong people in charge bent on using it to destroy us. In continuing with his evil plan to transform America Obama is sending these so called refugees throughout the country without even vetting them. Who knows who they are and what diseases they are carrying and what their intentions are since ISIS has said they intend to infiltrate the refugee population. Here is a partial list of his distributions.

Michigan: 1,028
California: 1,004
Arizona: 766
Texas: 735
Pennsylvania: 600
Illinois: 569
Florida: 527
New York: 538
North Carolina: 450
Ohio: 424
Georgia: 313
Connecticut: 301

Among the cities being hit hard with Syrian refugees are Chicago with 424; Troy, Michigan with 295; Dearborn with 220; Glendale, Arizona with 369; Tucson with 206; Phoenix with 191; Houston with 222; Dallas with 264; Buffalo with 217; Syracuse with 156; Atlanta with 210; and New Haven, Connecticut, with 240.


Smaller cities also being hit hard

Smaller cities getting pummeled include Stone Mountain, Georgia, with 58; High Point, North Carolina, with 103; and Clinton Township, Michigan, with 211.

Many other cities, such as Helena, Montana; Twin Falls, Idaho; and Spartanburg, South Carolina, have been named as possible targets to receive Syrian refugees, but plans to deliver them have been delayed due to outcries of protest from local citizens. Obama dumping new arrivals…

Since 2012, according to columnist and author Paul Sperry, President Barack Obama has flooded the United States with roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants annually in a shocking increase from prior years.

The primary problem surrounding the dramatic increase is that Obama is letting an increased number of Syrians and other Muslim immigrants from other war-torn nations into the country when, in the past, Syrian refugees were at the bottom of the priority list due to terror concerns.

Not only that, the reason it’s dangerous is due to the fact that the so-called screening and vetting process, which according to FBI testimony is almost non-existent. Immigrants coming from chaotic Muslim states often no longer have criminal and police records left to investigate.

“It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” Sperry said.

He explained that the vetting process that the Obama administration is conducting on the influx of Muslim immigrants is not actually happening.

“They admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are, and they can’t find out what type of backgrounds they have, criminal, terrorism or otherwise, because there is no vetting opportunities,” Sperry said. “You can’t vet somebody if you don’t have documentation, police records, etc.”

Tucker Carlson, host and journalist for FOX News said, “If Trump loses, it’s going to be a new America.”

No truer statement could be said about America’s fate in the 21st century. If Hillary Clinton wins, she promises to bring in 100,000 more Syrian Muslim refugees if not more during her four-year term. She promises total amnesty for 20 to 30 million illegal aliens. She stands with Muslims like Khizr Khan who openly advocates for Sharia Law being implemented into America to supplant U.S. Constitutional law. Hillary Clinton works for open borders to create an even greater flow of all immigrants into America.

The results of Hillary Clinton’s immigration juggernaut will be a whopping 100,000,000 (million) third world immigrants from 190 different countries imported into the United States of America within 30 years. We will jump from 324 million in 2016 to 438 million by 2050. One hundred million of that number will be legal immigrants and their children, plus chain-migrated relatives. Those demographic facts face our children or anyone around the age of 30 today. (Sources: US Census Bureau, U.S. Population Projections by Fogel/Martin, Roy Beck,,

If Trump loses, it will be “everybody’s America” but it won’t be America with Americans anymore. It will become a polyglot of incompatible races, cultures and religions—fighting among themselves for power and position. No one will be pulling in the same direction because they will all be pulling toward multiple directions. You may call it an “international free-for-all” within our country.

Muslims will work to establish Sharia Law as their numbers grow by using the power of the ballot box. They’ll create parallel societies completely at odds with U.S. Constitutional law.]

Latinos will work for Spanish as the national language because they will become the majority ethnic group by 2042—a scant 26 years from now. They will work for de facto Mexican dominance in the Southwest to return at least four states back under Mexican rule.

Black Lives Matter and other organizations like the Black Panthers will disrupt cities with violence at the drop of a hat.

It will be a ‘new America’ but it will no longer be the United States of America

Trump  is right we do need a wall and send all the criminal illegals back. Unfortunately the wall should have been built years ago not that skimpy thing we have now. Now Hillary is saying we should give Detroit jobs to Syrian refugees. What about all our people looking for job here now Hillary?

CLINTON: Give Detroit Jobs To Syrian Refugees…


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