On Idaho Refugee Program Crime- Mum’s the Word

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Tempers are flaring in Twin Falls, Idaho. In early June a local five year old girl was sexually molested and assaulted by 3 underage refugee boys from Iraq and Sudan resettled in Idaho Falls by Obama’s refugee resettlement program. Local officials are facing a backlash within their community for clamping a firm lid down on this pressure-cooker issue to keep it contained. Some believe pressure is being exerted from Federal Level; possibly from the White House itself. Local emotions are raw and resentment is boiling over due to a lack of information, and action as local officials simply repeat justifications of withholding information because of the juvenile ages of the offenders and victim.

Angry Twin Falls citizens are having none of this. They showed up to express their outrage and disgust over the crime with local police and officials. What leads me to believe that the local officials message is being driven by Washington, is the overt concern for correcting the record on frivolous political details like ‘the three offenders weren’t Syrian refugees as reported; but were from Iraq and Sudan.’ Oh, really?  As if correcting that largely insignificant bit of the record has any real importance for the victim, family, or the overall danger inherent with the resettlement scheme that Obama and Hillary both support and seek to greatly expand. That obsessive concern for that detail in the record smacks purely of outside political considerations.

This story has slowly trickled out and is gaining exposure now thanks to Social, and Conservative Media. Local residents quickly responded to the lack of information,  and urgency they saw from law enforcement, judicial,  and media concerns on this crime by setting up a Facebook page in support of the victim’s family. They wanted to bring light to this story, and increase pressure on officials to be more forthcoming and transparent. Like a defective pressure relief valve on a over-heating pressure cooker; this story is about to blow up. When it does; the fallout and blame will fall upon Obama.

Reuters most recent polling of likely Presidential election voters through July 1, 2016 reveals that a majority of Americans 55% to 37% agree ‘The United States should temporarily stop all muslims from entering the United States’.  Americans are validating Donald Trump’s position and assertion that resettlement should be halted; until and unless, infrastructure and security measures exist for U.S. Intelligence, and Homeland Security officials to be confident they have vetted any threat posed by potential refugees to the United States and our citizens. Every Radical Islamic Terror attack reinforces Trump’s position further.


Bear in mind this polling was taken shortly after the Orlando Nightclub attack by a home-grown radical Islamic Terrorist with sworn allegiance to ISIS, and before the horrific Nice, France Bastille Day truck attack by a Tunisian Islamic Terrorist. It also comes before yesterdays attack by a teenage Afghan refugee on a train in Germany armed with an ax, screaming  ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he hacked away at his 18 victims before police shot and killed him. The polling on the question started with a rolling average on June 16th at 47.6% for the ban 46.3% against. This is a remarkable change of sentiment. It comes in light of the most recent attacks involving refugees not yet factoring or weighing sentiment into this polling.

Because more Americans are showing the inclination to reject the Obama/Clinton position on Refugee resettlement and are now embracing Donald Trump’s,  this provides ample motive and impetus for the Obama Administration and Federal officials involvement to weigh heavily upon local police, and government regarding recent events in Idaho or elsewhere. Their standard modus operandi would be mute it, keep it contained, employ obfuscation, and keep it minimized by the LameStream media and away from American voter concerns.  Do Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and IRSgate, ring a bell?  It is up to us; ‘We the People’ to see that light is shed on matters many wish to remain in the dark. For the safety and security of our Nation; and our children, we must be pro-active participants, just like the citizens in Twin Falls, Idaho. We must ensure our voices are heard using Social and New media with our friends, family and fellow Patriots to spread the word and have the truth heard.


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