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  • Media Matters Once More Launches Vile Attack On Sean Hannity

    Strangely enough just before the serious start to this year’s Christmas shopping season Kuerig, a company that markets both individual coffee pods and the machines made for brewing them, made the somewhat unusual decision to slash earnings by at least 50% while increasing the earnings (and subsequently the profits) of their competition, If your reading […] More

  • Sean Hannity Fans Launch BRUTAL Comeback Against Leftist Media Group After They Did This DESPICABLE Thing

    Earlier this week, Sean Hannity was accused of claiming the 14-year-old in the Moore situation had given consent; the Left was all over social media claiming he was enabling a predator. Later it came out that Hannity had not said any such thing, and even Jake Tapper and Yashar Ali tweeted that he hadn’t, but […] More