Sean Hannity Fans Launch BRUTAL Comeback Against Leftist Media Group After They Did This DESPICABLE Thing

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Earlier this week, Sean Hannity was accused of claiming the 14-year-old in the Moore situation had given consent; the Left was all over social media claiming he was enabling a predator. Later it came out that Hannity had not said any such thing, and even Jake Tapper and Yashar Ali tweeted that he hadn’t, but that didn’t stop Media Matters and the Left from going after Hannity’s sponsors:

Angelo is wrong.

Oh, and one more thing:

Yeah, they do this a lot. And sadly Keurig didn’t do their homework and requested that Fox News stop airing their ad during the Sean Hannity Show. Which we all know was a really stupid move.

Guess what’s the number one trend on Twitter this morning. #BoycottKeurig. And right before Christmas? Bad.


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