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  • DUMB & DUMBER: Clueless CNN Doesn’t Recognize U.S. National Anthem

    Most likely, you are sick and tired of fake news and the bias of the mainstream media. Enough is enough, if there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, the left would have found proof within hours much less the past nine months they have been pushing the fake news. CNN along with […] More

  • A First Lady the United States Can Be Proud Of!


    As First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump took off for their second foreign trip abroad together, the former fashion model shined bright in an array of high fashion glamor. Departing for her trip to Warsaw, Poland and Hamburg, Germany for the G20 Summit, Melania donned a pair of pale pink cropped wide-leg window […] More

  • Muslim Activist calls for Jihad Against President Trump


    You may remember the outrage when it was discovered that Linda Sarsour, a Muslim extremist was discovered to be the spokesperson for the Women’s March earlier this year. Sarsour is at it again, not only does she advocate for Sharia Law which is a destructive and oppressive way of life, but she continually goes overboard […] More

  • DRAINING the SWAMP at the VA – Over 500 TERMINATED!


    The VA has been under fire for their treatment, or rather non-treatment of veterans.  This is one issue Trump campaigned on that he would rectify.  Once again, Trump is keeping his promises. Five hundred and forty-eight Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees have been terminated since President Donald Trump took office, indicating that his campaign pledge to […] More

  • BOOM! Trump Just HAMMERED Obama On Handling of Russia

    President Trump reacted immediately and pushed back using his chief of staff to stop the narrative by Russia that Trump accepted Vladimir Putin’s denial of the interference in the US Presidential election.   I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election. He vehemently denied it. I’ve already given my opinion….. — […] More

  • Crazy Maxine Pushes Debunked Claim That 17 Intelligence Agencies Agreed On Russian Election Hacking

    The New York Times has finally admitted that one of the favorite Russia-gate canards – that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies concurred on the assessment of Russian hacking of Democratic emails – is false. In the Times’ White House Memo of June 25, correspondent Maggie Haberman mocked Trump for “still refus[ing] to acknowledge a basic […] More

  • WHOA: Former FBI Agents Go Public With Bombshell!

    Three former assistant directors of the FBI joined Fox News Tuesday night to share their thoughts on President Donald Trump’s decision to fire James Comey. All three thought Comey had it coming, and some were glad to see it happen. Former FBI Assistant Directors James Kallstrom, Bill Gavin, and Ron Hosko all thought Comey sealed […] More

  • EVIDENCE that Comey was an EMBARRASSMENT to the FBI

    Here are just 10 of the largest blunders that James Comey made while being the director of the FBI. The firing of Comey was long overdue. Before he bombed the Boston Marathon, the FBI interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev but let him go. Russia sent the Obama Administration a second warning, but the FBI opted against investigating […] More

  • EPIC Showdown: Kellyanne Conway Destroys CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Comey Firing


    CNN’s Chris Cuomo mistakenly takes on superstar Presidential Advisor, Kellyanne Conway in a 19-minute debate on Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. Cuomo was rude, arrogant, condescending, interrupting and even made faces as Conway calmly and confidently explained Trump’s action on the firing. You decide, watch the video below. The case of the White House tested…for you […] More

  • BREAKING: North Korea Ships Wash Up On Japanese Shores…FULL OF DEAD BODIES [VIDEO]

    Japanese authorities have launched an investigation after a “ghost ship” containing a dead and nearly decomposed crew was spotted floating aimlessly off the coast in recent days. According to the U.K. Express, the ship and crew were virtually unidentifiable, save for a tattered North Korean flag that still flew and faded markings on the hull that […] More

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