Muslim Activist calls for Jihad Against President Trump

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You may remember the outrage when it was discovered that Linda Sarsour, a Muslim extremist was discovered to be the spokesperson for the Women’s March earlier this year. Sarsour is at it again, not only does she advocate for Sharia Law which is a destructive and oppressive way of life, but she continually goes overboard trying to get attention.

Most recently, she said, opposing Trump is an acceptable form of jihad.

After the public outrage of her statement, rather than an apology, Sarsour is doubling down and blaming conservative media for overreacting.

From The Daily Caller:

Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour defended her call for jihad against the White House Sunday, blaming the outrage over her use of the word on conservative media in a Washington Post op-ed.

Muslim activist Sarsour called for a jihad against the White House during a speech she made at the Community Service Recognition Luncheon July 1. After drawing outrage for using the term “jihad,” Sarsour defended herself by saying she used the term to mean “struggle” or “to strive for.”

“In my speech — you can watch the unedited version here — I sent not a call to violence, but a call to speak truth to power and to commit to the struggle for racial and economic justice. I was speaking to an all-Muslim audience; as an American, I should be free to share and discuss scripture and teachings of my beloved Prophet,” Sarsour wrote.

Obviously, her defense is silly.

Everyone knows what that word is associated with. She could have used a million different words. She could have used the word “struggle”.

She didn’t. She said jihad. On purpose.

Why? Because she is a radical and that’s what radicals do. No rational person can look at Sharia Law and think it’s a fun idea but yet Linda thinks it’s a great idea.

No rational person can look at Sharia Law and think it’s a fun idea but yet Linda thinks it’s a great idea.

Sarsour knows full well that she hinted at violence against Trump.  She can argue about the “real” definition of the word all she wants.

People like Sarsour need to be universally shunned and ignored. That’s the only way to shut them up.

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